Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine - Hokkaido

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine (初山別稲荷神社) is the village's main shrine. It observes its annual holiday on July 12th. It is located at 170 in the village of Shosanbetsu in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine (初山別稲荷神社)

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine details

The first shrine structure was said to have been established during the Bunsei era. Following that, as the area grew and the number of immigrants increased, it became a symbol of protection within the village. The current deity enshrined in Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine is Toyoukehime Okami.

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine main torii


Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine chozuya

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine
 was officially founded in 1913 after an application was filed. It was officially recognized as a Mukakusha in July of the following year. It was then designated as a Shinsen Heihaku Kushin Shrine in May 1936, after being listed as a village shrine in November 1935. It currently serves 400 households.

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine loyalty monument

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine komainu

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine a-gyo komainu

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine un-gyo komainu

The shrine building underwent renovation and extension on August 1939 and work was finished in April 1940. Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine has a distinct Shinmei-zukuri architectural design. The Otorii gate was finished in August 1955, and the shrine office was finished in 1962. Currently, the shrine has a total shrine area of 30 tsubo or 99 square meters.

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine Main Hall

Team Nicerio visits Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine

My family and I visited Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine for the first time last August 12, 2022which was my 41st week here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. It was one of the destinations that we visited on the 1st day of our 5-day Drive Up North Road Trip. It was one of the places we went to that day in Shosanbetsu. During our visit, we paid our respects and offered some prayers.

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine Entrance Fee

It’s FREE to enter and explore Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine grounds.

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine Operating Hours

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine grounds is open 24/7. You can get the goshuin at the window of Shosanbetsu Onsen Hotel Misaki no Yu rather than the Misaki Center. 

Why visit Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine?

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine is the main shrine of the town of Shosanbetsu. It is a sacred place and is believed by many to protect the people and the town from disasters.

Getting to Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine

From Rumoi City, ride the Engan Bus going to Toyotomi. Board down at the Shosanbetsu bus stop. From there, Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine is a few meters away on foot. 

Travel time: 2 hours
Fare: 1730 yen




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