Tomamae Shrine - Hokkaido

Tomamae Shrine (苫前神社) is the Tomamae town's primary shrine. The shrine celebrates its annual holiday on the 6th of July. It is located at 177 Tomamae in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Tomamae Shrine

Tomamae Shrine details

Oku-Ezo, the appointed manager of Tomamae, founded Tomamae Shrine in 1863 to act as the town's protector while the area was being developed. In 1873, the Kaitakushi was stationed here. It is recognized as the Ichinomiya in Hongun and has a unique history. Currently, Ichikishima Hime no Mikoto is enshrined in Tomamae Shine as its main deity.

Tomamae Shrine (苫前神社)
Tomamae Shrine - Tomamae town, Hokkaido Prefecture

Tomamae Shrine was promoted into a village shrine in 1873, but as the number of dwellings expanded year after year, the shrine structure got smaller. Tomamae Shrine is distinguished by its white torii gate, and lamps that line both sides of the approach to the main structure following the torii gate.

Tomamae Shrine's main torii

Tomamae Shrine chozuya

Check out those flowers in the chozuya

Tomamae Shrine Loyalty Monument

At present, Tomamae Shrine has a total shrine area of 155.372 square meters and serves 1200 households.

Tomamae Shrine a-gyō

Tomamae Shrine un-gyō

Tomamae Shrine komainu

The Tomamae Shrine Annual Festival held on the shrine grounds is one of the events that visitors should see. This yearly celebration has a sea procession, as well as a major mikoshi and a minor mikoshi procession. These are paraded around town during the land procession. Aside from the procession, visitors could also enjoy the delectable seafood sold in different shops.

Tomamae Shrine Main Hall

Team Nicerio visits Tomamae Shrine

My family and I visited Tomamae Shrine for the first time last August 12, 2022which was my 41st week here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. It was one of the destinations that we visited on the 1st day of our 5-day Drive Up North Road Trip. It was one of the sacred places that we went to that day. During our visit, my daughter and I did our tradition of offering some prayers and making a wish.

Tomamae Shrine Entrance Fee

It’s FREE to enter and explore Tomamae Shrine.

Tomamae Shrine Operating Hours

Tomamae Shrine grounds are open 24/7.

Why visit Tomamae Shrine?

Tomamae Shrine is the main shrine of the town of Tomamae. It is a sacred place and is believed by many to protect the people and the town from disasters.

Getting to Tomamae Shrine

From Rumoi City, ride the Engan Bus going to Toyotomi. Board down at Tomamae ue-machi bus stop. From there, Tomamae Shrine is a few meters away on foot. 

Travel time: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Fare: 1100 yen




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