Fernbrook Gardens / Palazzo Verde - Las Pinas City

Located along Daang Hari in the City of Las Piñas, Fernbrook Gardens also known as Palazzo Verde is one of the most popular wedding venues in the country.

Palazzo Verde
Fernbrooks Gardens / Palazzo Verde

Most people would contest that Fernbrook Gardens should be included in the Visita Iglesia section of my blog because regular church services are conducted in its chapel which is also known as Notre Dame de Vie Chapel.

Notre Dame de Vie Chapel
Fernbrook Gardens - Las Pinas City

Inside the Notre Dame de Vie Chapel

Fernbrook Gardens has its own chapel but the chapel is just a small part of its venue. Overall, this place is more of a venue, than a pilgrimage site. 

The beautiful fountain as seen from the chapel

The fountain as seen from the entrance

Having fun with the trumpeters

Issues aside, Fernbrook Gardens would surely captivate visitors with its fantasy-like ambiance. Its greenhouse-like structure shows a unique contemporary architectural design. Aside from that the overall theme of the venue is a mix of Western and Eastern cultural concepts. Fernbrook Gardens would surely be a hit for couples who dream of a uniquely themed wedding.

Palazzo Verde
The glass dome at sundown

If the venue already captivated you in the morning, wait until you see it at night. The venue seemed to be pulled right out of a fairy tale book. Hundreds of different colored LED lights to give their trees and displays a new life.

Try out the carriages

Take some romantic pictures

Feel like a celebrity

Check out the vintage car

It's no wonder why several Filipino celebrities chose Fernbrook Gardens as the venue for their wedding.

Being a mere 15 to 20-minute drive from my house, the place is literally just around the corner. Like most first time visitors, I too quickly fell for its charms. My wife and I actually planned to get married in Fernbrook Gardens, however, due to conflict in schedules, we had to look for another venue.

The place is also a great backdrop for prenuptial pictures

If you're planning to tie your knots in Fernbrook Gardens. I suggest that you book very early to avoid the same problems that we encountered. I guarantee you that the venue is really worth your money.

Fernbrook Gardens / Palazzo Verde Admission Fee:

There are no admission fees to enter or visit Fernbrooks Gardens / Palazzo Verde. However, during my latest visit, I was denied entry as I don't have an appointment for the day. The only day they allow visitors are Sundays or when you plan to inquire about the use of the venue.

Fernbrook Gardens/ Palazzo Verde Office Hours:

Fernbrook Gardens / Palazzo Verde's official office hours are 8AM - 7PM Mondays to Sundays.

Why visit Fernbrooks Garden / Palazzo Verde?

Fernbrook Gardens / Palazzo Verde is a must-see venue as it has a fairytale-like setup. Make sure that you visit during Sunday unless you will be turned away. If you're coming on a weekday, make sure that you have an appointment. 

Getting to Fernbrooks Gardens/ Palazzo Verde:

From Manila, the fastest way to Fernbrook Gardens is to ride an FX or van going to SM Molino via Skyway. Just tell the driver to let you off at Mcdonalds in Daang Hari. Fernbrook Gardens / Palazzo Verde is a 10-15 minute walk from Mcdonalds.
FX or van fare: P60-100 

Update 2020:

You can also ride a P2P bus from Alabang Zapote Road to Evia Mall. From there you can walk to Fernbroks Gardens / Palazzo Verde.
Fare: P25-30 

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  1. Excelente y Hermosas Fotos . Felicidades Amigo ...

  2. Hi,
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    1. Hi Kundan! I really appreciate the message from you. I would really love to share my knowledge and skill to your blog! Kudos my friend!

  3. Hello Neil Alvin Nicerio
    Thanck you for the invitation I'm see your bloog
    you heave a beaudifull plaece ther,indead I'm hopp
    to ear more about you and your beautifully plaece.
    Seams soo peasfully.
    Attmosfære og ro for skjellen,samt veldig confortabel og delicat
    i flotte omgivelser,de kann varmt anbefales,med alle fasiliteter tillrettelagd,
    med kultur gode blide,vennlige mennesker som sorger for at du for en uforglemelig opphold i det som synnes som paradis.
    Looking to hear more from you
    My Regards
    P.C.I'm raithing in Norwegian hopp you can translate.

    1. Hi Isilde! Thank you for finding time to post a comment on my blog.
      Yes indeed the culture and people here in the Philippines are highly exceptional.

      In any case you visit, we would love to take you on a tour. Have a blessed day!

  4. my college classmate got married there. brings back memories. it looks like it got fancier on your pics.

  5. Beautiful photos! Is the place open to the public?

    1. Thank you for the nice comments. Yes it is. =) As a matter of fact you could attend mass there every Sunday =)

  6. Hi Neil, Thanks for your blog. During my visit to Laoag, Vigan & Pagudpud. I was so confused to determine an itinerary for 4days 3 nights. You mentioned to Kuya Jomar Villaluz for tour in Laoag. The price was P800 is it covering all the interest places in Laoag or only some of them. Please Let me know. As I am from Indonesia. I am Anne.

    1. Hi anne. Since you're planning to stay for 4 days and 3 nights, I suggest that you try out the itineraries for Vigan for day 1 and night 1 Budget P1000. Then proceed to Laoag and Paoay for Day 2 Budget P1000, Try to spend night 2 in Pagudpod and day 3 touring the whole of Pagudpod. The remaining day and night is your rest day. =)

  7. Hi. I am from Paco Manila and i would really like to go to fernbrook gardens but i don't have a car. You mentioned about an fx going to sm molino via skyway.
    where can I find the said fx? Is there one in SM MOA? I've never been in Alabang so it will be an adventure for me. I really like to see the garden and hear mass in their chapel. Please help. Thanks.== Mel

    1. Hi Mel, The best way to visit Fernbrooks is to ride a van from MOA heading to SM Molino. From there ride a multicab tell the conductor to drop you off at the intersection going to Fernbrooks. Let me warn you though. You have to walk almost 500 meters going to your destination from the intersection. =)

  8. Any tricycle from Alabang Town Center/Madrigal goin to FERNBROOK?im coming from BICUTAN.

    1. Nope. You could ride a minivan or a jeep. The jeepneys are found in South Station

  9. Hi Neil, you mentioned that Ferrnbrook is open for public meaning they're not strict to walk-in guests? No entrance fee?

    1. Hi there! They are not strict during Sundays because there is a mass. I tried visiting it during the weekdays and the guard asked me if I'm inquiring. So I said yes and he let me in. =)

    2. how about saturdays? I have a car though can my friends and I come in?

    3. Hi there. Yup i think so. The guard would always ask your pupose though. It's better if you go on a Sunday during mass hours

  10. where and what should i ride if i'm coming from alabang? badly need the directions. thanks!

    1. There are jeepneys heading to SM Molino from South Station. =)

  11. Oh I never thought Fernbrook Gardens has a chapel inside. Thanks for the info!

    Such a lovely couple too! :)

  12. May I ask po kung paano po ba makapunta jan if you are form las pinas , taga manuyo uno kaso po ako . ??

    1. From Las Pinas po, you can ride a multicab going to SM Molino. Baba lang po kayo ng Evia then mga 1-2 kilometers na lakaran.

  13. from cubao how can I get there?

    1. Ride a van going to Alabang.
      When you're in Alabang, walk to South Station and ride a multi cab / P2P going to SM Molino. Tell the conductor / driver to drop you off at Evia. From there, you have to walk to Fernbrooks Gardens / Palazzo Verde.

  14. Ask ko lang po, from cubao paano ako makakarating sa ferrnbrook?

    1. Hi Peter, sorry late response. Please read my reply to your previous query.

  15. Did you know, meron na silang sunflower fields ngayon. You should revisit.

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