Japan Diaries 4: Day 209


Day 209 - May 29, 2022

Sunday - Family Day Sunday

Thank God for the beautiful weather today. 😄😄😄 After breakfast, we didn't waste time as we head out to explore Rumoi City once again. 

It's a beautiful day here in Rumoi. Time to revisit Rumoi River

Rumoi River
We crossed the Boulevard Bridge to Igarashicho

For our first stop, we revisited the walking path along the Rumoi River. We walked from Shinonomecho to Horikawacho before crossing the Boulevard Bridge to Igarashicho. 

We saw this unique art outside one house

Of course, we had to take photos of the art display.

Takasago Park

Bonding time for me and Ella

The pink wisteria plant in Takasago Park was in full bloom

The wisteria plants were not only beautiful it also provided us some shade
The wisteria plants were not only beautiful it also provided us some shade

From there, our next stop was Takasago Park in Takasagocho. We spent almost three hours there as Ella met friends and enjoyed her time there. Since nothing is more important than my daughter's happiness, we took our time at Takasago Park and waited until Ella and her playmates called it a day (more of called back home for lunch). 

We looked for fresh fish at Kishihata Fish Shop

Next stop: Okatteya Moe Gift Shop

Inside Okatteya Moe Gift Shop

Ella doing some puzzle games in Okatteya Moe Gift Shop

Kazumo-chan can be found inside the vault of Okatteya Moe Gift Shop

After her friends bid her goodbye, we continued on our westward walk. Our next stop was Kishihata Fish Shop near JR Rumoi Station. Followed by Okatteya Moe Gift Shop

The only Rumoi Manhole Cover with color can be found in the Rumoi Roadside Station vicinity

We then headed towards the Rumoi Michi no Eki or Rumoi Roadside Station. On our way, I showed my wife the Engan Bus ticketing office and explained to her how to buy tickets and reserve the bus for Sapporo. 

We also tried the delicious soft cream of Rumoi Roadside Station

The Rumoi Roadside Station was about 10 minutes away on foot. It is famous for its soft cream with cones made from locally produced pumpkins so, despite the cold weather, I made my wife and daughter try it out. 


Ella having fun in Chairumo

Ella tried indoor rock climbing in Chairumo

The souvenir shop is selling the Limited Edition Hokkaido Design Coke

Beside the station is the newly opened Rumoi Indoor Exchange / Amusement Facility, also referred to as Chairumo. As its name suggests, it is an indoor exchange and play facility which aims to promote physical play for kids. This beautiful facility only charges 100 yen per kid (parents are required to accompany their children but it is free of charge.)

Sukiya Rumoi
Early dinner at Sukiya Rumoi

Here's my order for today's dinner

I didn't miss the opportunity to let my daughter experience this play facility and overall it was worth it. After 90 minutes of fun, we walked back home to wrap up our day but before we did, we ate an early dinner at Sukiya.

The perfect way to end the day is to have dinner in Sukiya

Overall, it's another weekend well spent with family. We got to explore Rumoi City and visit some new places for the first time. We are looking forward to our next weekend!

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  1. Your blog makes me want to visit Rumoi City.

    1. Please do visit Rumoi City. It's a very nice place.


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