Japan Diaries 4: Day 201

Day 201: May 21, 2022

Saturday - Sapporo (Kutusumi-sensei's Wedding Party)

Good morning, everyone! This is my 29th weekend in Japan. Today, I'll be traveling alone to Sapporo to attend Kutsumi-sensei's wedding party.

Here's my get-up for today

Arrived at JR Sapporo Station

To kill time, I went to Starbucks at Sapporo 55 Shopping Mall

Starbucks @ Sapporo 55 Shopping Mall has an amazing view

Ordered strawberry latte

I boarded the 8:30 a.m. Engan Bus from Rumoi City and arrived at Sapporo Station at 10:30 a.m. I decided to spend some time at the Starbucks at Sapporo 55 Shopping Mall because Kutsumi-sensei's wedding party was still at 12:30PM.

Mikuni Sapporo

This idea of a wedding mountain is cool

Looks like they had an amazing time as a couple

Congratulations, Hirohito and Kutsumi-sensei!

I headed back to Sapporo Station and went up to the 9th floor of JR Tower for the party held at Mikumi Sapporo. There, I sat with Urukawa-sensei and Murumatsu-sensei who are both teachers at Rumoi High School

Just to share, Mikumi Sapporo is one of the top high-class restaurants in the city. This means that the meal would be fine dining. Speaking of which, here's our meal and the order they were served:

Appetizer: bread

Jelly of seafood and white asparagus

Mikuni Sapporo
Roasted lobster, sauce Americaine

Mikuni Sapporo
Pan-fried seabream, saffron sauce

Mikuni Sapporo
Roasted "Saibi beef" red wine sauce

Jelly of lychee

Mikuni Sapporo
Gateau Mariage

Mikuni Sapporo
Coffee and mignardises

Together with the Rumoi High School peeps

This is the first time that I got invited to a wedding party here in Japan but looking at it, there were minimal differences between wedding parties in the Philippines and Japan. One such difference is the "Entrance Fee" that guests needed to pay at the reception and of course the conversations using the Japanese language. 

Next stop: Kushidori in Sapporo

Kushidori Sapporo
Went on an after-party nomikai with Urukawa-sensei and Murumatsu-sensei at Kushidori in Sapporo City

Kushidori Sapporo

Urukawa-sensei, Murumatsu-sensei, and I went to Kushidori for an after-party nomikai following the wedding celebration. At around 5:30 PM, we said our goodbyes since I had to catch the 6 PM Engan Bus to Rumoi City. Before boarding the bus, I bought a box of doughnuts from Mister Donut at Sapporo Station for my wife and daughter.

Overall, it was fun seeing Kutsumi-sensei once again. I'm really happy that she considered me a friend and invited me to her special day. 

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  1. Congratulations Kutsumi sensei and Hirohito-san. You look like a beautiful couple.


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