Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 29

Weekend 29: May 21 - 22, 2022

Day 201: May 21, 2022

Saturday - Sapporo (Kutusumi-sensei's Wedding Party)

Good morning, everyone! I hope you're having a delightful start to your day. It's hard to believe that this weekend marks my 29th weekend in Japan. To make it even more special, today I embark on a solo journey to the beautiful city of Sapporo. My purpose? To celebrate the joyous wedding party of none other than the esteemed Kutsumi-sensei.

I'm invited to the wedding party of my former JTE, Kutsumi-sensei

I left Rumoi City via the 8:30AM Engan Bus and arrived at Sapporo Station at around 10:30AM. The reception was at Mikumi Sapporo on the 9th floor of JR Tower. There, I sat with Urukawa-sensei and Murumatsu-sensei who are both teachers at Rumoi High School

Arrived at JR Sapporo Station

The wedding reception is at Mikuni Sapporo.

Hirohito and Yuka 2022 Wedding Mountain

Congratulations Hirohito-san and Kutsumi-sensei

These are the food that was served:

Appetizer: Bread

Mikuni Sapporo
Jelly of seafood and white asparagus

Mikuni Sapporo
Roasted lobster, sauce Americaine

Pan-fried seabream, saffron sauce

Mikuni Sapporo
Roasted "Saibi beef" red wine sauce

Mikuni Sapporo
Jelly of lychee

Mikuni Sapporo
Gateau Mariage

Mikuni Sapporo
Coffee and mignardises

This is the first time that I got invited to a wedding party here in Japan but looking at it, there were minimal differences between wedding parties in the Philippines and Japan. One such difference is the "Entrance Fee" that guests needed to pay at the reception and of course, the conversations using the Japanese language. 

Went on an after-party nomikai with Urukawa-sensei and Murumatsu-sensei at Kushidori in Sapporo City

After the wedding party, Urukawa-sensei, Murumatsu-sensei, and I headed to Kushidori for an after-party nomikai. We bid each other goodbye at around 5:30PM as I need to catch the 6PM Engan Bus to Rumoi City.

Before boarding the bus, I bought a box of donuts from Mister Donut at Sapporo Station as an omiyage for my wife and daughter. 

Day 202: May 22, 2022

Sunday - Visiting Cape Ogon

It's another beautiful morning here in Rumoi City. What better way to spend it than to bond with the family. 

It's a beautiful morning to walk around Rumoi

Himawari Park

After breakfast, we headed out and walked to Rumoi Shinkin Bank so that I can withdraw our grocery funds. We then walked to Himawari Park where we allowed Ella to explore and play for a bit.

Ella enjoyed exploring inside Umi no Furusatokan

There is a room dedicated to Masaru Satoh in Umi no Furusatokan

From there, we continued on to Umi no Furusatokan which is the museum of Rumoi City. We learned a lot about the history of Rumoi City and also the life of the legendary composer Masaru Satoh.

Heading down to Cape Ogon

Team Nicerio visits Cape Ogon

Locals were busy catching crabs

Cape Ogon
As for us, we explored the cape and soaked our feet in the cold water.

After exploring Uminofurusatokan, we followed the path down to Ogonmisaki Seaside Park in Cape Ogon. Locals who were there were busy catching crabs and also fishing. As for us, we simply enjoyed soaking our feet in the cold sea water which in a way was very relaxing. 

Cape Ogon
Time for lunch

We tried the hotate. It was our first time eating it.

When we got hungry, we just crossed the street and tried the food in one of the restaurants there. I tried the grilled large scallop locally called the hotate. It only costs 400 yen. My daughter on the other hand tried the store's caramel soft cream. 

We had a quick trip to COOP to buy ingredients for yakiniku


According to weather reports, we stayed briefly as there was a high chance of rain in the afternoon. True enough, it did. Sadly, we were still on our way home when it poured as we went to Coop to buy ingredients for our yakiniku dinner.

Overall, this week was well spent. I got the chance to bond with friends and also my family. I'm looking forward to what my 30th week has to offer. See you in my next article guys!

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