Japan Diaries 4: Day 202


Day 202: May 22, 2022

Sunday - Visiting Cape Ogon

It's another lovely morning in Rumoi City. What better way to spend it than to bond with the family. After breakfast, we went to Rumoi Shinkin Bank so that I could withdraw our food monies. We next proceeded to Himawari Park, where we let Ella run around and play for a while.

Ella time at Himawari Park

Rumoi City
Next stop: Umi no Furusatokan

Here are some photos inside Umi no Furusatokan:

From there, we proceeded to Umi no furusatokan, Rumoi City's museum. Ella liked the interactive displays, while my wife took use of the FREE WiFi. 

There is a Masaru Satoh exhibit room

Masaru Satoh's piano is on display

As for me, I was shocked to see that Masaru Satoh, the legendary composer of film tunes, has his own section in the museum. Some of his most famous works can be heard in Akira Kurosawa's classic films.

Going down to Cape Ogon from Umi no Furusatokan

Ella discovers how fun it was to play with dandelion seeds

We savored the view of the cape and the refreshing wind coming from the sea.

Ogonmisaki Seaside Park

Locals catching crabs in Cape Ogon

Soaking our feet in the cold waters of Cape Ogon

After exploring Uminofurusatokan, we followed the path down Ogonmisaki Seaside Park in Cape Ogon, locally known as Ogonmisaki. Locals who were there were busy catching crabs and also fishing. As for us, we enjoyed watching them do their stuff. We also tried soaking our feet in the cold water. It was probably crazy for the standards of the locals but for us, it was totally refreshing.  

Ajidokoro Misaki Shokudo
Lunch at Ajidokoro Misaki Shokudo

We tried the hotate for the first time

My daughter went for the caramel soft cream

Crab bait in Cape Ogon
The store also sells crab bait

We just crossed the street when we became peckish and tasted some local specialties in one of the nearby eateries. My wife and I tried the hotate, a huge scallop that is commonly grilled in this area. It is just 400 yen. On the other hand, my daughter tried the caramel soft cream.

Time to head back

A quick stop at COOP in Rumoi to buy ingredients for our dinner

We didn't stay long as there was a high chance of rain in the afternoon according to weather reports. True enough, it did. Sadly, we were not yet home when it poured as we went to Coop to buy ingredients for our dinner.

Yakiniku for dinner

What's for dinner? We had our first yakiniku night and it was a blast. We used the yakiniku set that we bought in Asahikawa for the first time. We bought different kinds of meat in Coop for this but my favorite was the jingisukan


Overall, this day was well spent. I'm looking forward to what my 30th week has to offer. See you in my next article guys!

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