Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine Revisited Summer 2022

Japan is a land of shrines and temples, each with its own unique history and charm. One such place is the Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine (豊富八幡神社), located in the town of Toyotomi in Hokkaido Prefecture. I was lucky enough to visit this shrine twice, once in the dead of winter and again in the vibrant green of summer.

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine Revisited 


My first visit was on March 20, 2022, my 139th day in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. The shrine was surrounded by a blanket of snow, giving it a serene and peaceful atmosphere. As someone who always makes sure to visit shrines when exploring new towns, I was eager to pay my respects and offer a prayer to the enshrined deity, Honda Wake no Mikoto. Despite the chilly weather, the shrine felt warm and welcoming, a true haven in the midst of the winter cold.

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine Main Hall

My second visit was with my family on August 13, 2022, during the second day of our 5 - day "Drive Up North" road trip. This time, it was me and my daughter who went to pay our respects at the shrine. The surrounding landscape had completely transformed, the trees and plants bursting with life and color. It was a stark contrast to my first visit, but no less enchanting. Once again, the Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine felt like a peaceful oasis, a calming respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

To reach Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine, pilgrims need to go up several steps

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine secondary torii

The Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine has a shrine area of 720 square meters and serves around 1900 households in the town of Toyotomi. The enshrined deity, Honda Wake no Mikoto, has a long history in Japan and is revered as a symbol of strength and power. The shrine is a stunning example of traditional Japanese architecture, with intricate wood carvings and a striking red roof.

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine komainu

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine komainu

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine un-gyo

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine a-gyo

Overall, I feel incredibly lucky to have visited the Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine in winter and summer. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be in spring and fall, with cherry blossoms or colorful leaves adding even more charm to this enchanting place. 

Team Nicerio visits Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine

Who knows, perhaps I will have the opportunity to visit again next year and see it in a different season. Regardless of when I visit, I know that the Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine will always be a serene haven in the heart of Hokkaido.

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine Entrance Fee

It's FREE to enter and explore Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine. 

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine Operating Hours

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine grounds are open 24/7.

Why visit Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine?

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine is the main shrine of the town of Toyotomi making it a very important place in the city. It is located halfway up a hill so it is surrounded by nature. It is not uncommon to see a variety of birds and animals on the shrine grounds. Aside from that, you can also get a goshuin here for your collection. If ever you are in Toyotomi, you should include this place in your itinerary. 

Getting to Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine

From JR Toyotomi Station, follow Route 397 until you reach the intersection. Turn left at Route 40 and you'll see the torii gate of the shrine. You need to hike a bit to reach the main shrine. Don't worry there are stone steps and it won't take you 100 steps to reach Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine from the bottom step.




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