Cape Noshappu - Hokkaido

Cape Noshappu (ノシャップ岬) is a well-known tourist destination in northwestern Wakkanai and is located at 2 Chome Noshappu, Wakkanai City, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Cape Noshappu  (ノシャップ岬)

Cape Noshappu details

Noshappu derives its name from the Ainu word "nosham," which means "the place where the cape protrudes like a jaw" and "the place where the waves break".

Cape Noshappu (ノシャップ岬) - Wakkanai City

Cape Noshappu dolphin clock

Cape Noshappu is renowned for being a picturesque location to watch the sunset and provides a fantastic view of Mount Rishiri, Rebun Island, and the outline of Sakhalin. People can also be seen gathering Rishiri kombu in the summer.

The map of the route going to Rishiri and Rebun

The centerpiece of the cape is the dolphin monument but there are other things to see here like...

The Cape Noshappu marker

The Dolphin Monument in the center of the Esandomari Port Park is a well-known landmark of Cape Noshappu. It is most likely the most photographed thing in the cape. Other significant attractions at Cape Noshappu include the Noshappu Aquarium and the Wakkanai Youth Science Museum

Wakkanai Lighthouse and Noshappu Aquarium

Cape Noshappu as seen from the entrance of Noshappu Aquarium

The colored Wakkanai manhole cover can be found at Cape Noshappu

Aside from that, the Wakkanai Lighthouse, Japan's second tallest lighthouse, is also nearby. If you’re a drainspotter or “manhole collector” like me, then you should visit Cape Noshappu as the Wakkanai’s colored manhole is found here.

Team Nicerio visits Cape Noshappu

My family and I visited Cape Noshappu for the first time last August 13, 2022, which was my 41st weekend here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. It was one of the destinations that we visited on the 2nd day of our 5-day Drive Up North Road Trip. I made sure to include this place in our itinerary as I failed to visit Cape Noshappu during my first trip to Wakkanai last March 20. 2022. During our visit, we made sure to take photos of the famed dolphin statue and also explore different destinations in the cape. We also went to the Noshappu Aquarium and the Wakkanai Youth Science Museum. However, that’s for another article.

Overall, if you’re looking for the best place to watch the sunset in Wakkanai then this place should be on the top of your list.

Cape Noshappu Entrance Fee

It’s FREE to enter and explore Cape Noshappu. Parking is also FREE. However, if you want to buy souvenirs in the nearby Akikawa-ya, enter Noshappu Aquarium and the Wakkanai Youth Science Museum, or go on a food trip to the numerous restaurants near the cape then you should bring some money.

Cape Noshappu Operating Hours

Cape Noshappu is open 24/7. However, the tourist establishments and restaurants around it have different operating hours.

Why visit Cape Noshappu?

Cape Noshappu is one of Wakkanai City's two famous capes. However, Cape Noshappu is the more accessible of the two, as it can be reached by foot from the Wakkanai JR Station. If you plan to go, it is highly recommended that you go at sunset on a clear day because the scenery is more picturesque.

Getting to Cape Noshappu


It takes around 10 minutes by bus (city line) from Wakkanai JR Station to the "Noshappu” bus stop. From there, Cape Noshappu is about 5 minutes on foot.

Walking from Wakkanai JR Station to Cape Noshappu is another alternative. It's around 4.6 kilometers or about an hour of walking.

The best way to go to Cape Noshappu from Wakkanai City is via private vehicle. The drive from Wakkanai JR Station to Cape Noshappu takes approximately 10 minutes and is relatively easy. However, be aware that there is a lot of deer around Cape Noshappu, so always be cautious.




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