Noshappu Aquarium - Hokkaido

Noshappu Aquarium (稚内市立ノシャップ寒流水族館) is a small facility that houses a plethora of cold-water fish species, seals, and penguins. It is located at 2 Chome-2-16 Noshappu, Wakkanai City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Noshappu Aquarium 

Noshappu Aquarium details

Noshappu Aquarium also called Wakkanai Aquarium, Japan's 100th aquarium, opened on July 21, 1968, to honor the 100th anniversary of the road's inauguration, the 90th anniversary of the formation of Wakkanai City, and the 20th anniversary of the city's establishment. In July 2018, Cape Noshappu was officially given the nickname "Wakkariumu".

Noshappu Aquarium - Wakkanai City, Hokkaido Prefecture

Outside Noshappu Aquarium

At present, a total of 1,300 creatures from 120 different species are housed and displayed. In the 80-ton migratory water tank, you would enjoy watching the different species of fish like the Ito which is known as one of the largest freshwater fish in Japan. You will also see other northern sea species such as atka mackerel, soi, and the unique and scary looking wolfish.

There is a small enclosure to separate the pups from the adults


There are also several Humboldt penguins in the enclosure

Seal Feeding 

As previously mentioned, there are also seals and penguins in Noshappu Aquarium. It is highly recommended to watch the seal feeding and penguin shows held in the aquarium regularly.

Inside Noshappu Aquarium

Some of the animals on display inside the Noshappu Aquarium

My family and I visited Noshappu Aquarium for the first time last August 13, 2022, my 41st weekend here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. It was one of the destinations we visited on the 2nd day of our 5-day "Drive Up North" Road Trip. During our visit, we were able to watch the seal feeding show and were surprised to discover that seals bark like dogs. It was fun to watch them catch the fish while swimming about. On the other hand, it was also saddening to think that they are not free in the wild.

Team Nicerio visits Noshappu Aquarium

The interactive area inside allows you to touch different sea creatures

Overall, we learned much about the different sea animals housed and displayed in Noshappu Aquarium. However, it is quite evident that the aquarium has seen better days. I do hope that it gets renovated soon so that it would be more appealing and tourist-friendly.

Noshappu Aquarium Entrance Fee:

Admission is 500 yen for adults (high school students and adults) and 100 yen for elementary and junior high students.

For groups of 20 or more, it’s 400 yen per adult while elementary and junior high students pay only 80 yen.

Noshappu Aquarium Operating Hours

Summer hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from April 29th to October 31st.

Winter hours are from November 1st to November 30th, and from February 1st to March 31st of the following year, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Why visit Noshappu Aquarium?

To date, Noshappu Aquarium is the only aquarium in the Soya Subprefecture. Although the facility is aging, there are still plenty of sea animals to see and learn about in the Noshappu Aquarium. You might enjoy the seal feeding activity and the penguin shows.

Getting to Noshappu Aquarium


It takes around 10 minutes by bus (city line) from Wakkanai JR Station to the "Noshappu” bus stop. From there, Noshappu Aquarium is about 3-5 minutes on foot.

Walking from Wakkanai JR Station to Noshappu Aquarium is another alternative. It's around 4.6 kilometers or about an hour of walking.

The best way to go to Noshappu Aquarium from Wakkanai City is via private vehicle. The drive from Wakkanai JR Station to Cape Noshappu takes approximately 10 minutes and is relatively easy. However, be aware that there is a lot of deer around Cape Noshappu, so always be cautious.




Overall rating


  1. Nice pictures. I have heard about Noshappu Aquarium from a friend who visited Wakkanai last year but she said it wasn't as nice as the one in Osaka.

    1. Kaiyukan in Osaka is a really big aquarium. This one is like a small town aquarium. It's a good place to learn about some marine animals in the area.


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