Japan Diaries 4: Week 25

Week 25: April 18 - 22, 2022

Day 168: April 18, 2022

Monday - Nenkyu / Team Nicerio's 1st full day in Rumoi

Good morning! It's a Monday today but I applied for nenkyu or paid holiday as I need to help my wife and daughter familiarize themselves with Rumoi City.

Our first order of business for today was to update and register their zairyu card (residence card) at the yakuba (Rumoi City Hall). Thankfully, the super friendly and helpful Rumoi High School staff. Sekiguchi-san accompanied us and assisted us with the process as she helped me during my first day here.

Rumoi Board of Education

After their residence cards are updated, we proceeded to the Rumoi Board of Education (BOE) to enroll Ella in her school here in Japan. She will be studying at Rumoi Shiritsu Midorigaoka Elementary School. Although the BOE wasn't able to get in touch with the school yet when we got there they assured us that they'd update us as soon as possible. 

Time to buy groceries at Rumoi's COOP

We got a lot of Daiso stickers for this season's knife collection promo

From there, Sekiguchi-san drove us back home. We rested for a bit then headed out again to buy groceries at COOP and then some household stuff at Daiso

Ella and I went biking around the neighborhood

In the afternoon. I accompanied my daughter to bike around the neighborhood. I'm so proud to see how Ella improved since the last time we biked together. 

That night, I cooked spicy Korean noodles for my family. Overall, today is a day well spent for us. 

Day 169: April 19, 2022

Tuesday - Rumoi

Rumoi High School 4/19/22

Happy Tuesday! I'm back reporting for work at Rumoi High School. Today is the first time that I get to work with Ito Sensei.

Here's my workload for today:

1st period - Jiko Shokai @ 1-36 of Ito-sensei
3rd period - I am the Strongest @ 2-345 of Teruhiko-sensei
4th period - Jiko Shokai @ 1-45 of Ito-sensei
5th period - Jiko Shokai @ 1-1 of Motoyama-sensei

Teruhiko-sensei's class

After my 5th class, Kouchou sensei talked to me about my family. He also reminded me about Japanese work culture. It was a great chat that ended with a dinner invite which I reciprocated with my own dinner invite. Before going home, I planned the club activities with Motoyama sensei and I also got to train Mugi-chan for her Eiken exam. 

When I got home, my wife cooked sinigang for dinner. Who wouldn't be excited to go home to Filipino homecooked meals like this? 

Ella was able to see snow in Rumoi before it melted.

Enjoying our walk around Rumoi.

Before calling it a day, we headed to Homac and shopped until closing time to buy groceries at a discounted price.  

Day 170: April 20, 2022

Wednesday - Teshio

Today is my 1st visit to Teshio High School for the school year 2022-2023. For this visit, I used the 2-Day Moekko Free Ticket. I boarded the 6:14AM bus to Teshio and arrived around 9:10AM. 

Ganfune Temple

Teshio Roadside Station

Since my first class is still at 10:50AM, I explored Teshio a bit. Instead of boarding down at the Teshio Koko mae bus stop, I boarded 3 stops earlier at the Teshio Shineidori 1-chome bus stop and walked to the Teshio Michi-no-eki (Teshio Roadside Station). I passed by the Ganfune Temple along the way. 

Teshio Roadside Station stamp

I got the Teshio Michi-no-eki stamp and also saw and took a photo of my 2nd Pokemon Manhole Cover here in Hokkaido. I also got a 100 yen Teshio Kamen pin from a gachapon in the roadside station.

Teshio History Museum

Teshio Town Hall

From there, I decided to head to Teshio High School. I passed by the Teshio History Museum and the Teshio Town Hall but I didn't go into them. I also bought Miso Ramen at the Seicomart near the school for my lunch today. 

Teshio High School 4/20/22

When I got to the faculty room of Teshio High School, I was glad to see that there was only one teacher that transferred (and he transferred to Rumoi High School). My JTEs are still Miyakoshi sensei and Ueki Sensei. 

Here's my workload for today:

3rd period - Corpus Keywords @2-A of Ueki-sensei
4th period - Jiko Shokai @1-A of Miyakoshi-sensei

I boarded the 3:36PM bus home. We had sukiyaki for dinner and before calling it a day, we had a quick trip to Seicomart to buy some drinks and popcorn for our movie night.

Day 171: April 21, 2022

Thursday - Embetsu

Embetsu Agricultural High School 4/21/22

Today is my 2nd visit to Embetsu Agricultural High School for the school year 2022 - 2023. For this visit, I used my 2-Day Moekko Free Ticket

Here's my workload for today:

5th period - Jiko shokai @ 1st year advanced of Sasaki-sensei
6th period - Jiko shokai @ 1st year basic of Sasaki-sensei

Embetsu bus stop

Sunset as seen from the Ororon Line

Alaina and her daughter visited my family while I was away. Sadly, I wasn't able to see them as I arrived late in the afternoon. Regardless, my wife and daughter enjoyed their company. 

Day 172: April 22, 2022

Friday - Tomamae

Uehira bus stop

Tomamae Manhole Cover

Tomamae Commercial High School 4/22/22

Today is my 2nd visit to Tomamae Commercial High School for the school year 2022 - 2023. For this visit, I used my 1-day Moekko Free Ticket

Here's my workload for today: 

2nd period - Expressing Emotions @ 2nd year of Hasegawa-sensei
3rd period - Maybe & Probably @ 3rd year of Hasegawa-sensei

Inside one of Hasegawa-sensei's class

When I got home I spent time with my daughter biking around the neighborhood. 

Look who's waiting for me to get home

Biked around the neighborhood with Ella

Before sleeping, we watched the 2022 film Death on the Nile. However, since we watched it late, we were quite sleepy hence we decided to call it a night and continue the movie another day. 

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  1. You have a very cute daughter.
    Enjoy your family time in Japan!


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