Japan Diaries 4: Week 27

Week 27: May 2 - 6, 2022

Day 182: May 2, 2022

Monday - Hanami in Mashike

It's a brand new week! Since Rumoi High School asked us to work last Friday, today was declared a holiday in exchange for it. 

Midorigaoka Elementary School
Ella going to Midorigaoka Elementary School for the first time

I'm anxious and excited for Ella on her first day of school

However, there are still classes in elementary schools like Midorigaoka Elementary School where Ella studies. Hence, Ella went to school for the first time at 8:15AM today and had classes until 2:30PM.

Grocery at COOP

KitKat Pudding Flavor

As for my wife and I, we went to Coop to buy drinks for our hanami and nomikai with friends at Noboru-san's place in Nobusha in Mashike town. I even got a new flavor of KitKat for my collection. 

Ella arrived home at around 2:40PM and had many fun stories to share about her first day in school. Ikuko-san picked us up from home at around 2:50PM and drove us to Noboru-san's place in Mashike. 

The former Nobusha Elementary School

Noboru-san's place. You would see this in Google Maps as B&Bシーヌプシャ

Introducing my family to my friends

We had an incredible time eating and drinking at Noboru-san's place. We grilled different kinds of meat and vegetables and had an amazing time chatting with each other. It was my wife and daughter's first nomikai with my friends.

Strolling around Noboru's property

Sakura blossom in Mashike

Team Nicerio's first Hanami

That afternoon we went out to look at the cherry blossoms around the house. It was also our first time seeing Sakura blossoms. 

2nd round of food

We went back inside to continue the feast when it started to get dark. Around 8:30 PM, we bid each other farewell. We were taken home by Ikuko-san.

Ella was featured on the website of Midorigaoka Elementary School

When we got home, we checked the Midorigaoka Elementary School website and were pleased and grateful for the school's warm welcome to Ella, who was featured on the website.

Day 183: May 3, 2022

Tuesday - Consitution Day

Today is officially the first day of Golden Week. It's Constitution Day. Sadly, it was raining the whole day so we chose to just stay home. 

Ella's busy with her exam in the Philippines

We joined Ella after our chores

Ella and I did her summative exams for her school in the Philippines while my wife did some of the household chores.

Dinner time!

That night, we just watched the 2021 film Bull which got a so-so rating from my daughter and wife. I liked it in a way though. After the film, we slept early hoping that it would be a sunny day tomorrow so that we could go walking. 

Day 184: May 4, 2022

Wednesday - Greenery Day

It's another cold rainy day today. This makes it a perfect day to cuddle and sleep longer which we did of course. We woke up at around 9:30AM and had oats for breakfast. 

Good morning! Time for breakfast

 Check out the beautiful flowers that bloomed along the road to COOP

COOP Rumoi

After breakfast when the rain turned into a drizzle, we headed out to Coop for a quick grocery and also to buy snacks. We got home just in time before it rained again. Without hope of having a clear day, we just watched the 2022 film The Outfit which turned out to be a surprisingly good film. 

Team Nicerio visits the Rumoi River

Off to Kamuiwa Park

In some sort of miracle, the sun showed itself. We should have used this opportunity to stroll along Rumoi River and then head to Kamuiwa Hotel and then Kamuiwa Park at the edge of the city. It's a perfect trip as it's Greenery Day today.

A quick stop at Kamuiwa Hotel

Before reaching the park we went on a side trip to Kamuiwa Hotel hoping to try out its onsen but were saddened to see that it was jam-packed so we decided not to push through with the onsen experience. 

Team Nicerio visits Kamuiwa Park

Ella had a lot of fun in Kamuiwa Park

In exchange, we continued on our way to Kamuiwa Park. It's my first time here and was amazed by its beauty aside from that, the Sakura trees are now in full bloom. 

The pathway in the middle of the pond in Kamuiwa Park

We also had a good time exploring the park's scenic pond and playground. It was enjoyable to try out the various playground attractions, which made me feel like a kid. The rope zip line was my favorite. It was exciting and enjoyable. My wife and I did not miss out on the excitement.

Time to go back before it gets dark.

We left Kamuiwa Park at around 5:30PM before it gets dark as it would be a challenge for us to walk the 1.5-kilometer road back home in an empty dark road. 

We headed back to Rumoi River before going home

Rumoi River in the afternoon

Dinner time!

Since we reached Rumoi City before sunset, we still had time to stroll on the walkway of Rumoi River. It was an additional kilometer on our walk home but it was totally worth it as it's also an additional exercise. 

Day 185: May 5, 2022

Thursday - Children's Day

Finally, It's a warm sunny day today. It's also Children's Day - the last day of the Golden Week holiday. 

We met the other Rumoi ALTs and we are off to the beach

Walking down to Golden Beach Rumoi

For today's adventure, we met with the other Rumoi City ALTs and headed out to Golden Beach Rumoi to have a picnic. We talked about a lot of things while eating the food that we bought and brought. Despite the sunny weather, it was still cold.

Ella enjoying the sun and sand of Golden Beach Rumoi

Picking up some shells with the other ALTs

Brought some sushi for the picnic

After our bonding, we bid each other goodbye at around 5PM.

My family and I spent the remainder of the night watching the 2021 film Don't Breathe 2 before calling it a day. In a way, it did not live up to our expectations of being a fan of the first film. Regardless, the action scenes were still entertaining.  

Day 186: May 6, 2022

Friday - Rumoi 

Rumoi High School 5/6/22

Good morning everyone! It's a beautiful sunny day. How I wish it was still a holiday today as it's a perfect day to explore new places but then again I'm here to work. I have no visit schools today so I'm heading to Rumoi High School

Here's my workload today:

1st period - Paper Architect Part 2 @ 3-35 of Matsuda-sensei
5th period - Verb (Lesson 2) @ 1-1 of Motoyama-sensei
6th period - Paper Architect @ 3-46 of Matsuda-sensei

That afternoon, Ella and I practiced her Jiko shokai (self-introduction) in Japanese and were amazed at how quick she memorized it. 

Overall, this week was memorable for a lot of things. There were a lot of "firsts" for me and my family. I'm looking forward to more "firsts" for us in the future.

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