Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 26

Weekend 26: April 30 - May 1, 2022

Day 180: April 30, 2022

Saturday - Strolling around Rumoi City 

Before my family came here, I made it a habit to take a stroll every weekend. In a way, this kept me sane and also allowed me to enjoy the scenery and the life here in the city I now call home. 

Time to remove the weeds

Thankfully, my wife and daughter share the same passion. Hence, on their first weekend here in Rumoi City, We went out to stroll. However, before that, I tended to my garden first by removing the weed that invaded it so that in the future I could plant something there to improve it. 

Team Nicerio visits Rumoi High School

Finished walking around the Rumoi High School

Going back to our stroll, our first stop is Rumoi High School. I wanted to show my wife where I work so we did a few laps around the school before proceeding to our next destination.

We then went to Miharashi Park. During my last visit, the D61 train engine was covered with a tarp. This time it's already removed. Hence, we had a fun time checking it out and of course, taking photos and videos of it and with it.

Hiking up the hill of Miharashi Park

Surprise! There are sakura trees in Miharashi Park

Check out the view from the hill

Aside from that, my family went on a mini hike on the hill in the park. Surprisingly, there were sakura trees near the top and the flowers were already blooming. 

Next stop: Rumoi Shrine

Rumoi Shrine

From there, we continued on to Rumoi Shrine and offered respect to Rumoi City's main shrine. Since the shrine was also on top of a hill, we also enjoyed the view from it. 

Kankizankomyoji Temple

Strolling at Route 231

Since we had reserved some items at Shijubo, we walked down the hill and headed there. We had a brief stop at Kankizankomyoji Temple (歓喜山光明寺) and took some photos. 

Picking up our reserved items at Shijubo

Next stop: Kabazawa Hardware Store

樺沢金物店 Rumoi City
Inside Kabazawa Hardware Store

After paying for our reserved items at Shijubo, we then went on our way. We stopped by the nearby Kabazawa Hardware Store (樺沢金物店) and bought some household items.

Ella successfully completes her first errand

We did one more stop at Coop before going home. We bought some groceries and food for dinner as all of us were tired and no one wants to cook. However, we forgot to buy chips for our movie marathon night. Ella volunteered to go to Seicomart. Of course, her mom was very hesitant but I managed to persuade her. That's why today marks the first time that Ella went on an errand alone at night. 

It's movie marathon night!

For our movie marathon night, we watched to 2022 film Contractor and then Umma

Day 181: May 1, 2022

Sunday - Rumoi River x Shopping

Cold gloomy morning everyone! We woke up to 7-degree weather and we almost didn't want to leave the warmth of our blankets. However, we didn't want to waste the day so my wife cooked breakfast while Ella and I biked around the neighborhood while waiting for the food to be cooked. 

Biking around the neighborhood with Ella

During breakfast, my wife and I planned to walk around the city again. However, during this trip, Kiaya joined us. 

Rumoi River

Rumoi River stroll with the family and Kiaya

Ella went on her own adventure

From our place, we first went to the Rumoi River. Since the snow already melted, the walkway is now accessible to visitors. We followed it until we reached the far end near Shimamura. 

We went window shopping at Homac, Seria, and Maxvalu

We did a bit of window shopping at Shimamura before heading to Homac, Seria, and Maxvalu, and then back to Shimamura to buy some groceries and a plethora of other stuff before going back home. 

Last stop for the day - Shimamura

At home, my family and I bonded with Kiaya. We went from talking about books to playing UNO. We didn't stay up late though as it's Ella's first day at Midorigaoka Elementary School tomorrow. That night, Kiaya officially became the first guest that slept overnight in our home. 

Overall, that's how my 26th weekend here in Rumoi City went. I'm looking forward to creating more memories with my family. 

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  1. Congratulations on your 26th weekend in Japan. It seems like you had fun.

    1. I sure did. So far, I'm having a great time here in Japan.


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