Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 25

Weekend 25: April 23 -24, 2022

Day 173: April 23, 2022

Saturday - Shopping in Rumoi

Although most of the snow already melted, it's still super cold in the morning. My wife, daughter, and I planned to go walking early today but it suddenly rained so we decided to stay home and continue the 2022 mystery crime film, Death on the Nile while hoping that the rain stops. 

Movie bonding time with the family. 

Coincidentally, the weather has gotten better by the time we finished the film so we decided to pursue our plan to walk around town. Before we left our apartment, we went door to door so that I can introduce my wife and daughter to my neighbors. 

Shopping at Shijubo

From our place in Chidoricho, we followed Route 231 until we reached Shijubo. This is a home and lifestyle store that sells products mostly for bedrooms like pillows, sheets, blankets, etc. It was recommended by my fellow Rumoi City ALTs and true enough, they did have the products that we need. My wife enjoyed her shopping time here and we even got to chat with the owners who were generous enough to give us a discount and some freebies. Not only that, the owners even drove us home since we bought a number of items that were quite large.

Crossed the overpass on Route 231

After unpacking what we bought, we headed out once again. This time, we proceeded to C Restaurant but got there 30 minutes early for its 5PM opening. 

Himawari Park

We looked for a place to burn time and were overjoyed to see the giant octopus slide in Himawari Park. It's a nice place to hang out despite the muddy puddles formed by the melting snow, Regardless, my daughter enjoyed the half-hour stay at the park. 

Team Nicerio at C-Restaurant

My wife and I ordered katsudon

Ella tried the ebidon

C Restaurant was already open when we got there. It's perfect that we dined early as we were the only ones there. My wife and I ordered the katsudon while Ella ordered the ebidon


It's actually my 3rd time here and as expected, the servings were generous and the taste was good. I won't get tired of eating here. 

Ella and I explore COOP  while my wife shops for groceries.

From C Restaurant, we headed to Coop to buy stuff at Daiso and then do some groceries. We didn't stay long though as we wanted to get home and rest after all the walking.

Day 174: April 24, 2022

Sunday - Housewarming Party

Today, my wife and I spent the whole morning preparing for our housewarming dinner party later. My daughter on the other hand cleaned the bike as I promised her that she'd bike today once the bike is clean. 

Ella cleans Basky

Ella biked to Rumoi High School

We also explored the nearby streets of Chidoricho

We did head out after she finished cleaning it. We first went to Rumoi High School and biked around the school. We explored the neighboring streets too. Overall, we biked for about two hours before heading back home for lunch and also to rest in preparation for our housewarming party later in the afternoon. 

My wife prepares our housewarming meal

Joshua and Kiaya came at around 5PM. My wife was still cooking so we first played UNO and also the board games that they played. For our first meal, we had shawarma and honey chicken. Then we had carbonara before wrapping it up with the coffee jelly dessert. 

Our first visitors - the other Rumoi ALTs

We had fun chatting about various things time flew so fast. The next thing we knew is that it was already 11PM. Since we still have work tomorrow, we decided to continue our bonding after work.

Overall, it's safe to assume that we all had fun during the housewarming party. I'm looking forward to more of this in the future. 

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