Bukidnon: Kampo Juan

Located in Barangay Dicklum, Manolo Fortich in the province of Bukidnon, Kampo Juan is one of the recommended destinations for thrill seekers and adventurers alike.
Kampo Juan - A must try
One of the newest eco-adventure destination in Bukidnon, Kampo Juan offers a variety of adrenaline pumping facilities. 

Kampo Juan is known for the Anicycle, the first and only one of its kind in the country. So what's an Anicycle?

Imagine yourself riding a bike on a straight forward path. Easy right? 

Now, imagine yourself riding a bike across a deep ravine on a hanging cable that stretches for more than a hundred feet long. Now can you handle that?

The Anicycle is just one of the many other facilities that you could try in Kampo Juan.

Try out the Anicycle

You could also avail one of their packages, wherein you could experience the Anicycle and several other activities Kampo Juan has to offer.

During my trip to Bukidnon, my wife an I never missed the chance to try out several of the eco-destinations of the province. One of them is Kampo Juan. We made sure to avail its packages to fully enjoy the adventure. 

Here's what we've experienced:

1.  From the  "starting point", we were strapped on the safety  harness as we begin the adventure on the Anicycle.

1. Race to the end, no looking back. Well its a tie!
2. After reaching the end of the cable, we were brought to the first zipline. 
2. Ride Zipline #1
3. Just after , we were asked to walk across the "kilometer-long" shaky bridge.

3. Cross the long and shaky bridge
4. Once we've crossed the bridge, we were asked to cross it again back to where we've started. (Whaaaat!!!!)

4. Recross it >Me: Yes I crossed the bridge! /Guide: Sir, you have to go back. /Me: Whaaaat?! 
If I fall I'm sure I'll get wet... and dead.
5. Finally, we were strapped for the final leg of the adventure. A zipline ride across a very deep ravine heading back to the starting point. 
5. Ride Zipline #2 back to starting point

Here's what I have learned...

After everything that you've done, here's what you should have learned.
Getting there:

To make things easier here's a map from KampoJuan's Facebook Page.


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