Guinobatan Church - Albay

Located in Jose P. Rizal Street in the Municipality of Guinobatan in the province of Albay, Guinobatan Church, also known as the Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, is dedicated to the Our Lady of the Assumption.

Guinobatan Church

Guinobatan Church History

Guinobatan Church was built sometime in the 1680s when Guinobatan became an independent municipality from Camalig. 

Guinobatan Church - Guinobatan, Albay

This picture was taken from the road beside Guinobatan Church

Throughout time Mother Nature and mankind often inflict terrible damage to the church. Despite these setbacks, the devoted people of Guinobatan dutifully rebuilt their church time and again. To date, the Guinobatan Church survived countless eruptions of Mayon Volcano, powerful earthquakes and typhoons, and the ravages of the revolutionary, Philippine-American, and the Second World War.

Guinobatan Church belfry

I visited the Guinobatan Church during our first Albay Road Trip. The church is easy to be spotted because it is situated near a major roadway.

Guinobatan Church interior

What I liked about the church is its clean surrounding. When I visited, I noticed that the vicinity of the church is free from any trash. However, one can notice the noise coming from the vehicles and passers-by on the street. Though I'm not saying that it lessens the beauty of the church nor its holiness but being a pilgrim like myself I would prefer a more solemn place to say my prayers.

My mom offered her special intentions

Guinobatan Church Admission Fee:

It is FREE to enter and explore the church. You can also give a donation in any of the donation boxes inside.

Guinobatan Church Mass Hours:

Monday: 6-7AM / 5:30-6:30PM
Tuesday: 6-7AM / 5:30-6:30PM
Wednesday: 6-7AM / 5:30-6:30PM
Thursday: 6-7AM / 5:30-6:30PM
Friday: 6-7AM / 5:30-6:30PM
Saturday: 6-7AM / 6-7PM Anticipated Mass
Sunday: 5-6AM/ 6:30-7:30AM/ 8-9AM/ 9:30-10:30AM/ 4-5PM / 5:30-6:30PM / 7-8PM

Why Visit Guinobatan Church?

Guinobatan Church is one of the several Spanish colonial-era churches of the province of Albay. It is one of those that you should visit if you plan to do a Visita Iglesia in the province.

Getting to Guinobatan Church:

By air:

1. Several airline companies offer flights to Legazpi International Airport.
2. From there, hop on jeepneys plying the  Legazpi-Guinobatan route.
jeepney fare: P10-20

By land:

1. From Manila, board a bus heading to Legazpi City. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Guinobatan Church.
bus fare: P700-1000

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