Bacolor Church - Pampanga

One of the most visited churches in the province of Pampanga is Bacolor Church. It is located in Bacolor, one of the oldest towns in the province.

Bacolor Church

Bacolor Church History

Bacolor Church was built in 1576, the church was named after San Guillermo, the patron saint of Bacolor. Like most Spanish built churches, San Guillermo Parish Church also depicts a Baroque architectural design.

Bacolor Church - Bacolor, Pampanga

The statue of Christ seen at the facade of Bacolor Church

Bacolor Church interior

Bacolor Church was destroyed by an earthquake in 1880 and was rebuilt six years later. After that, the town and Mother Nature coexisted peacefully for a long time. That's why the townspeople were caught unprepared when the dormant Mt. Pinatubo suddenly erupted in 1991.

Bacolor Church altar

Recuerdos and icons of Bacolor Church

Miraculously, the town and the church was spared during the powerful eruption. However, in 1995, heavy rains dissolved the accumulated volcanic sediments in the slopes of Mt. Pinatubo. This caused major lahar flow swallowing the town of Bacolor. San Guillermo Parish Church was half-buried during that terrible catastrophe which also left more than 50,000 town residents homeless.

Paintings and pictures depicting the history of the church and the town

When the lahar flow settled down, the townsmen of Bacolor painstakingly excavated and salvaged the historical items, including the altar and the retablo, which was buried inside the church.

The rear part of the church

During my visit to Bacolor Church, I was actually unaware of its history. I was just curious to see the unique looking church which I saw daily in May Bukas Pa, a popular primetime show in ABS-CBN. I just learned about its past when I visited the museum and gallery located inside the church.

The Backpack Adventures in Bacolor Church

Bacolor Church

Upon leaving the church, one would feel the sense of devotion and sacrifice that lingered on especially among the people of Bacolor.

Bacolor Church Admission Fee:

It's FREE to enter and explore Bacolor Church grounds.

Bacolor Church Mass Schedule:

Bacolor Church Mass Schedule

Why visit Bacolor Church?

As mentioned, Bacolor Church is one of the historic churches of the province of Pampanga. It's a perfect place to visit if you are on a pilgrimage or Visita Iglesia in the province.

Getting to Bacolor Church:

1.From the Victory Liner Terminal in Cubao, take a bus heading for Olongapo City. Keep in mind that buses passing by SCTex because it bypasses the town of Bacolor. It's safer if you ask the conductor that you're going to the church. 
bus fare: P100-110
2. From the drop off point there are tricycles that will bring you to the church gates.
tricycle fare: P20


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