Baluarte - Ilocos Sur

Located in Quirino Boulevard, Tamag, in Vigan City is the 80-hectare property of governor Chavit Singson, aptly named Baluarte after the Spanish word meaning, fortress or territory.


Baluarte details

Baluarte was once a rest house, where Mr. Singson invites his close friends and relatives. However, having been elected as a political leader, people often visit him.

Baluarte - Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

Chavit's rest house

Since his rest house cannot accommodate all those people, he decided to construct Baluarte. Due to his love for nature, Governor Singson added a zoo filled with domestic and wild animals. Most of these animals roam free during the day and some perform for the visitors. Animal performances and interactions are the main attractions of Baluarte.

Ride around Baluarte on one of these mini-carriages. 

See free-roaming ostriches, camels, and other animals

Check out the animal show. That's a civet cat by the way.

Mine's a falcon.

Check out the butterfly farm

There are plenty of different kinds of butterflies here. 

What I like most about Baluarte is how it reminds me of the movie that I love watching when I was young -Jurassic Park. The life-size dinosaur replicas and the landscape of the park remind me of the Spielberg movie.

Having fun with the Spinosaurus

Aside from that, Baluarte is free from any admission or show charges. Everybody is welcome to enjoy what the place has to offer.

Check out the governor's submarine

Check out these Spanish cannons

As of this writing, Baluarte is still undergoing construction to further extend its facilities and amenities.

Team Nicerio visits Baluarte

What are you waiting for? Come and visit Baluarte!

Who knows, Baluarte might be the next Disneyland or Ocean Park, and who knows maybe the next Jurassic Park in case someone somewhere .

Baluarte Admission Fee

It's FREE to enter and explore Baluarte. However, you need to pay for the following activities:
  • Animal Encounter Photo Rates for Snake, Raptor, Parrots and Pony is worth Php70 (good for 2 Persons)
  • For Tour Guide Services, there are two packages being offered: the 1,000Php (good for 7 pax) and Php 1500 (good for 12 pax)
  • Kalesa and Horseback Ride is Php70/person (Horseback is only for 3-10 year old kids only)
  • Camel Ride is worth Php100/ Person

Baluarte operating hours

Baluarte is open from 8AM - 5PM daily

Why visit Baluarte?

Baluarte is one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Vigan City especially to large groups. Aside from being budget friendly, it's one of the places in the city where your kids would truly enjoy. Don't attend the animal interaction events. It's one of my favorite activities in Baluarte. 

Getting to Baluarte:

by land:

1. From Manila, board a bus heading for Laoag City.
2. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Vigan City.
bus fare: P600-800
3. From there, ride a tricycle to Baluarte.
tricycle fare: P10-20

by air:

1. There are several airplane companies that offer flights to Laoag International Airport.
2. From there, board a bus heading for Vigan City
bus fare: P150-200
3. Board down near the Vigan City arc. From there ride a tricycle to Baluarte.
tricycle fare: P10-20

Overall ratings

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