Haboro Roadside Station - Hokkaido

Haboro Roadside Station (道の駅 ほっと♡はぼろ) is one of 128 roadside stations located around Hokkaido. It is located at 1 Chome-29 Kita 3 Jo in Haboro, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Haboro Roadside Station

Haboro Roadside Station details

Officially called Roadside Station Hot ♥ Haboro, the main facility of the Haboro Roadside Station is actually inside the Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza.

Haboro Roadside Station - Haboro Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

The Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza is a 3-star hotel that has several facilities that motorists and tourists could enjoy. 

To Haboro Roadside Station

However, the roadside station is actually inside the Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza Hotel

Pictures inside Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza Hotel

Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza reception area

Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza lobby

Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza lobby

Orobo - The Haboro Mascot

Here are the facilities worth checking:

Nishima Monogatari (restaurant)

Located on the ground floor of the hotel. It is famous for its local sweet shrimp dishes.

Observation Lounge

Located on the 7th floor of the hotel. It is a perfect place to view the sunset. Aside from that, this place is also a café lounge during the day and a bar lounge at night.

Product Store

Haboro Roadside Station product corner

Some of the products sold in Haboro Roadside Station

Other products can also be seen in the lobby of the hotel

This is probably the place that you’d point to if you’re asked where the Haboro Roadside Station is. This place sells products and souvenirs made or harvested in Haboro including sweet shrimp.


It's onsen time!

Be mindful of the rules when using the onsen

Outside the onsen area. The farthest is for men the nearer on is for women

You can use the massage chairs in the onsen restroom

Haboro Onsen

The Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza has an onsen that offers daytrippers at a very affordable rate. When we visited, it was Onsen Day so we paid half the price. Heads up, you need to bring your own towel if you don’t want to rent.

Team Nicerio visits Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza and the Haboro Roadside Station

My family and I visited Haboro Roadside Station last July 16, 2022, my 257th day here in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher under the JET Programme. Although this was a roadside station, my family and I got there by bus. During our visit, we tried the onsen, and as mentioned we paid only half the one-day bathing fee because of Onsen Day. This means we paid only 250 yen per adult and only 140 yen for Ella.

Hokkaido Roadstation Stamp Rally 2022 Stamp

Haboro Roadside Station Stamp

Haboro Roadside Station Stamp

We wanted to try some of the sweet shrimp dishes of Nishima Monogatari but the restaurant was full and there was a long queue during our visit so we decided to eat at a nearby restaurant instead. Regardless, that only means that we have a reason to revisit Haboro Roadside Station someday.

Haboro Roadside Station Operating Hours:

The Haboro Roadside Station shop is open from 7AM – 7PM. The restaurant is open from 11:30 – 2:30PM and then opens again from 5:30PM to 8:30PM.

Why visit the Haboro Roadside Station?

If you’re tired from your long trip and want to take a dip in an onsen, then this place is a perfect stopover for you. You can also eat some sumptuous meals in Nishima Monogatari although there might be a long queue. After that, you can visit the Haboro Rose Garden and the Hokkaido Seabird Center nearby. Overall, a trip here is a total package.

Getting to Haboro Roadside Station

From Sapporo Station, ride the Engan Express Bus or Chuo Bus going to Rumoi City. From there, transfer to the Engan Coastal Bus and board down at Engan Bus Honsha Terminal.  Walk for about 700 meters going in the direction of the Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza. The Haboro Roadside Station is inside it. 




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  1. A hotel and a road side station combined? That's amazing.

  2. I would like to try the onsen of Haboro Sunset Plaza.


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