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Karakure (からくれ) is a popular family-run seaside soba restaurant and cafe located at 116-1 Obira in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan


Karakure details

Karakure opened to the public sometime in 2018. Its name Karakure means "bright red" which was taken from the Hyakunin Isshu which is a classical Japanese anthology of one hundred Japanese wakas by one hundred poets.

Karakure (からくれ)

Welcome to Karakure

As a foreigner, I pictured soba restaurants as old traditional structures with a zen garden. However, Karakure isn't like that. As a matter of fact, the restaurant has a very modern architectural style with a chic interior. Although it does not have a zen garden, it has a flower garden in its backyard with a variety of flowering plants. Aside from that, it has a relaxing view of the beach. If you visit on a clear day in the afternoon, you can probably witness a breathtaking sunset.

Inside Karakure

Even its menu lineup isn't traditional as soba, coffee, and cake aren't what you'd see in most soba restaurants nor something that you'd order as a set meal. Regardless, being nontraditional has its strengths. Karakure actually encourages you to try and experience each meal individually as it allows the flavors to interact with your palate. Also, just to let you know, the soba noodles are personally made by the chef and owner of the restaurant so it's guaranteed fresh and high quality. 

Since I'm talking about Karakure's food, here's the English Version of the soba menu:

Karakure menu


Sweet Soba Crepe

Hot Cocoa

Special Chocolate Cake

I highly recommend the Kamonanban and Kamonjilu soba as the duck meat gives the soba flavor another level. Depending on the occasion or event, you can actually try making your own soba noodles for a fee. It's something worth doing when you have time to spare in Obira.

The view from Karakure made us want to explore its grounds after our meal

Exploring Karakure grounds

This area is perfect if you visit on a warm clear day

Some of the flowers in the garden are already in full bloom

As for the cakes, it is also made in the restaurant by the daughter of the chef. Her cake flavors vary depending on the season and the availability of ingredients but one thing is consistent, they are all very delicious. 

My wife KC enjoyed her visit

Thank you, Teacher Kanda and Ikuko-san for the wonderful time that you shared with us, 

I got to eat in Karakure with my family and our Japanese friend, Teacher Kanda last July 24, 2022, which was my 38th weekend here in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher under the JET Programme. I got to try the Kamonanban, while my wife tried the Kashiwa soba and cake, Teacher Kanda had the Moli Soba, and my daughter Ella, on the other hand, ordered the Soba CrepeThe food was really good and was worth every yen. 

Overall, I highly recommend Karakure if you are looking for a food trip destination in Obira. it is definitely worth a try. 

Karakure Operating Hours:

Karakure is open 11:30AM - 3PM. (As of this writing, the schedule is shorter due to the current pandemic protocols in Obira.)

Aside from that, Karakure is also closed during the winter season, particularly from January to February. 

Why visit Karakure?

As mentioned, the right combination of good food, ambiance, and scenery made Karakure a highly recommended place to eat in Obira

Getting to Karakure

The best way to reach Karakure from Sapporo City or Asahikawa City is by car as you can stay longer to enjoy the sunset and not worry about the bus schedule. 

However, if you plan to visit by bus, ride the Engan Bus to the Motokawa-cho bus stop. From there, transfer to the Rumoi-Toyotomi Line and board down at the Obira bus stop or Yuttatikan bus stop. From there, Karakure is just a few meters away on foot. 




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