Obira Roadside Station - Hokkaido

Obira Roadside Station (道の駅 おびら鰊番屋) is one of 128 roadside stations located across Hokkaido. It is located along Route 239 in Kikahirotomi, in the town of Obira in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Obira Roadside Station

Obira Roadside Station details

Obira Roadside Station is locally and formally called Michi no Eki Obira Nishinbanya (道の駅 おびら鰊番屋). It translates in English to Roadside Station Obira Herring Lodge. It is a three-building roadside station that consists of the Tourism Exchange Center, Food Center, and the historical Former Hanada Family Banya.

Obira Roadside Station - Obira, Hokkaido

Obira Roadside Station was registered on April 16, 1996, and was given registration number 27. In April 2015, the Obira Tourism Exchange Center was opened to the public. It houses an oyakata no ma, a special product sales corner, a historical and cultural preservation exhibit hall, a rest corner, and of course a 24-hour rest room.

Inside Obira Roadside Station

Oyakata no ma (break corner)

Historical and Cultural Preservation Exhibition Hall

Exchange Gallery

Obira Roadside Station toilet

I always see the Obira Roadside Station on my way to my visit schools up north but it was only last July 24, 2022, which was my 265th day in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme, that I finally got to visit it with my family. This trip was all thanks to Teacher Kanda who brought us on a day trip to Obira. 

Obira Roadside Station Stamp

During our visit, we first checked the Tourism Exchange Center where I got my Obira Roadside Station Stamp for the Hokkaido Roadside Station Stamp Rally booklet

Obira Roadside Station

Food Center

Former Hanada Family Banya

From there, we visited the Former Hanada Family Banya and learned about the history of herring fishing in Obira. However, heads up, visitors need to pay an entrance fee to explore this historic building but rest assured you will learn something about the glory days of Obira here. 

Obira Roadside Station map

Special Obira Roadside Station vending machine

Products sold in the special Obira Roadside Station vending machine

Sake and snacks made in the region

Check out this mural at the Food Center

Different kinds of snacks produced in the region

The last establishment that we visited was the Food Center. It has a restaurant and a special product sales corner. Before leaving, we bought some food products and souvenirs to give to our friends. 

Ella got to try the soft cream of Obira Roadside Station

Obira Roadside Station Stamp

Obira Roadside Station Stamp Rally 2022

Obira Roadside Station Stamp

Aside from the three buildings, visitors can actually cross the highway going to the Herring Cultural Historical Park. Sadly, we weren’t able to visit this place during our trip as it suddenly rained. Regardless, it just gave us another reason to visit the Obira Roadside Station in the future. 

Obira Roadside Station Operating Hours:

Tourism Exchange Center 

April – November 9AM to 6PM / December – March 9AM to 5PM

Food Supply Facility

May – October 8AM to 5PM / December – March 9AM to 4PM


May – October 10:30AM to 4PM / November – April 10:30AM – 2PM

Former Hanada Family Banya

Tuesdays-Sundays 9AM to 5PM
Closed on Mondays
Might be temporarily closed during winter.

Why visit Obira Roadside Station?

Overall, Obira Roadside Station is conveniently located between Rumoi Roadside Station (22.6 kilometers away) and the Tomamae Roadside Station (20.3 kilometers away). It would surely be a perfect place to rest if you’re driving along scenic Route 239. It is also a place to go to buy souvenirs for your friends and loved ones

Getting to Obira Roadside Station


The best way to reach Obira Roadside Station and also to fully appreciate it is by coming in by car. Simply follow Route 239 until you reach Kikahirotomi in Obira. 

However, if you plan to commute, you can ride the Coastal Engas Bus from Rumoi City to Toyotomi or Haboro. Board down at Hanada Banya Mae bus stop. 

Travel fare: 660 yen if you come from the first stop of the bus
Travel time: around 50 minutes




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  1. Obira Roadside Station is by far the most beautiful road side station that you have written about. I'm looking forward to read more and see more of your articles.


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