Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 37

Weekend 37: July 16 - 17, 2022

Day 257: July 16, 2022

Saturday - Haboro Day Trip

It's the first day of Ruru with us. Sadly, we won't be able to use it yet. 

It's another weekend. It means it's an opportunity to visit and explore another town. For today's trip, we're off to the town of Haboro.

Engan Bus to Haboro

Although I regularly visit Haboro High School, it will be my family's first time traveling to this beautiful town. It's also their first time riding the Horonobe Rumoi Line of the Engan Bus.

Arrived at Haboro Engan Bus Terminal

We boarded the 9:24AM bus and arrived at the Haboro Engan Bus Terminal at 10:56AM. For this trip, we used the 1-day Moekko Free Ticket.

From there, we visited the following places:

Haboro Rest Park 

Brick Agricultural COOP Warehouse

Koryosanmeitoku Temple

Koryosanmeitoku Temple bell tower

Off to our next destination

Haboro Rose Garden

The roses were already in full bloom when we visited

Hokkaido Seabird Center

We learned a lot about seabirds during our visit to Hokkaido Seabird Center

After visiting the Hokkaido Seabird Center, we decided to eat lunch at Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza but it was crowded so we looked for another place to eat. We ended up at Ororon Cafeteria (おろろん食堂). The place was famous for families and bikers and I found out that it is known for its kaisendon (2500 yen) which I tried of course. My wife and daughter, on the other hand, tried the seafood curry (750 yen).

Ororon Cafeteria (おろろん食堂)

I ordered kaisendon for lunch

Tiara (ティアラ)

We tried the soft cream and the cream puff

Lunch wouldn't be complete without dessert so we headed to the nearby Tiara (ティアラ) and bought soft cream (330 yen) and cream puff (100 yen each). 

Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza / Haboro Roadside Station

Haboro Roadside Station Stamp

Haboro Onsen

From there, we went to Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza. The hotel doubles as Haboro Roadside Station so my daughter and I made sure to get the roadside station stamp for the Hokkaido Stamp Rally. After that, we availed of the day-tour onsen. We were lucky as we visited during the hotel's "Onsen Day" which means onsen usage is discounted.

A rainy afternoon in Haboro

Haboro manhole cover

Had we brought our car, we would have stayed longer but our trip is based on the bus schedule. With that said, we left Haboro aboard the 5:09PM Engan Bus to the Motokawa-cho bus stop in Rumoi City. 

Waiting for the bus back to Rumoi

Upon arriving home, we spent the rest of the night binge-watching Season 4 of Stranger Things

Day 258: July 17, 2022

Sunday - Rumoi Festival

Sunny Sunday morning everyone! Today is actually the second day of the Rumoi Festival. We headed out in the afternoon to check it. Aside from that we are also invited by Kanda-sensei to her house for dinner and also to experience the traditional tea ceremony. 

Rainy day in Rumoi

Rumoi Festival

To our horror, it rained hard after lunch and it continued on until the afternoon. We had no choice but to brave the weather to get to Kanda-sensei's place. Luckily, her house was conveniently located along the road where the stalls were set up for the festival. When we got there, Ikuko-san and the two other Rumoi ALTs were also there. 

Bonding and Tea Ceremony at Teacher Kanda's house

We were really grateful to Kanda-sensei's generosity as she not only prepared food for us but also taught us how to prepare green tea the traditional Japanese way. 

Team Nicerio with Kanda-sensei and Ikuko-san

My family and I bid Kanda-sensei and the others at around 10PM. The equally generous Ikuko-san drove us home as it was still raining. 

Overall, thanks to Ikuko-san and Kanda-sensei this day became memorable for us. 

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