Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 31

Weekend 31: June 4 - 5, 2022

Day 215: June 4, 2022

Saturday - Reuke Farm and Golden Beach

It's a weekend once again. What better way to spend it than walking around Rumoi City. To make this day memorable, my family and I decided to go somewhere that I haven't been to yet. Hence, we'd be going to Reuke Farm

It's another beautiful morning in Rumoi City

On the way to Reuke Farm, we made some stops at the following places:

Rumoi Shrine

Rumoi Hokokuji

We bought the 711 coffee at 711 Okimicho for breakfast

From there we did one more stop at 711 Okimicho near Golden Beach along Route 231 of the Ororon Line. We bought the famed 711 coffee and were really glad we did so. 

Monument of Survey (測量の碑)

We enjoyed the view from the beach at Hamanakacho 

Heading up to Reuke Farm

The higher we went the more beautiful the scenery gets

We followed Route 231 south to Mashike but stopped at the beach at Hamanakacho. We stayed for a bit to enjoy the view. 

The rapeseed flowers were in full bloom in Reuke Farm

It took us another 30 minutes to reach Reuke Farm which is on top of a cliff. Reuke Farm is known for its wind turbines, amazing view of the beach, delicious soft cream, and the blooming frame from late May to early June.

I tried the Reuke Farm softcream

You can see Rumoi City from Reuke Farm

A visit to Reuke Farm would not be complete without taking a picture of the wind turbine

We had an awesome time taking photos of the vast yellow rapeseed flower fields. Aside from that we also tried the soft cream at the Torimu Restaurant (礼受牧場 トリム). 

Grocery at COOP

It's a yakiniku dinner for us

It was a long walk back home but it was worth it. Before reaching home, we went on a grocery trip to COOP as Ella requested a yakiniku dinner and we happily obliged.

Of course, dinner was amazing. It was a perfect way to end our long day.  

Day 216: June 5, 2022

Sunday - MBA Defense

Good morning everyone! Today is the schedule of my Master's in Business Administration final defense. I'm nervous and anxious but I'm confident that I'd pull it off as I have reviewed my business plan thoroughly. 

Rumoi Roadside Station

However, before my MBA defense, I biked to the Rumoi Roadside Station to help Alaina with the Funagawa English Kitchen. It turned out that it was a good idea as it diverted my anxiousness. 

I got home with enough time to finalize my PowerPoint presentation and rest

I got back home at around 11:30 and I spent the remaining few hours reviewing and finalizing my PowerPoint presentation. I also got to sleep a bit. My defense was at 3PM Philippine Time which is 4PM here. It lasted for an hour. The panel deliberated after.

The Ezo Tutorial Strategic Business Plan

It's time for my MBA defense!

When I was called back to the meeting, I was presented with great news... I successfully defended my paper which officially earned me my Master's Degree. 

Overall, today was one for the books. With my MBA already completed, I'm looking forward to my new project in the future and that is to complete my #Hokkaido35Cities Challenge and the #Hokkaido179 Challenge.

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