Japan Diaries 4: Day 223

Day 223: June 12, 2022

Sunday - Senbodai and Golden Beach

It's another Sunday with the family. Unlike yesterday, which was somewhat cloudy, today was completely sunny. As a result, we set out to explore another part of Rumoi City. 

Look at these beautiful flowers blooming on the sidewalk


We tried the Soft cream and shu cream of Ikkyuan

We went along Route 231 to Senbodai after breakfast. Along the way, we stopped at Ikkyuan, a pastry store at 1-Chome-38 Suminoecho. We purchased the Gold Kiwi Soft Cream as well as some cream puffs. 2 thumbs up!

Memorial Monument of "The Sisters"

From there, we walked towards Okimicho and passed by the Memorial Monument of "The Sisters" on the boundary of Okimicho and Miharashicho. 

Jump-off point of Senbodai

Half-way up Senbodai


Team Nicerio visits HeartLand Cafe

Senbodai (千望台) was a 30- to 40-minute walk away. The pathway was practically covered in snow the last time I was there, and the one cafe, Heartland Cafe, was closed for the season. Thankfully, when we arrived, it was already open for business. Although it was a strenuous trek, the breathtaking view at the summit made it worthwhile.

HeartLand Cafe's parfait and fries

HeartLand Cafe's parfait is 💕💕💕

My family enjoyed the meal

HeartLand Cafe has a wonderful, rustic atmosphere. We sampled the soft crème and the parfait from their selection of meals. I also placed a large order for fries as a snack. We shot plenty of pictures and films for my digital scrapbook before descending the hill.


Team Nicerio @ Senbodai

Goodbye for now Senbodai. Off to our next destination.

Passed by the neighborhood in Okimicho, Rumoi City

We spent roughly 3 hours on Senbodai. We then proceeded to make our way back via Okimicho and toward Golden Beach Rumoi

Sapporo Drug Store - Okimicho, Rumoi City

Surprisingly, there are plenty of products to choose from in Sapporo Drug Store

As soon as my wife spotted the Sapporo Drug Store on Okimicho along the Ororon Road, we went to check it out. We were happy to discover that various things we use to prepare Filipino food but couldn't find at Coop or Maxvalu were being sold here.

Golden Beach Rumoi

Ella enjoying the cleaner beach

Strolling by the beach at Segoshicho

Passed by the Segoe-cho Life-Extending Jizo Pagoda (瀬越町延命地蔵塔)

We then strolled down to Golden Beach Rumoi from there. Before returning home, we had Ella play on the newly cleaned sand for nearly an hour.

Sukiya - Rumoi

Dinner at Sukiya Rumoi

Since we were tired from the hike, we decided to eat dinner at Sukiya along Route 231 before finally going back home. 

Overall, Team Nicerio had another fantastic day. However, we have already visited all of the major tourist attractions in Rumoi. That simply means it's a question of time before we venture forth to other towns and cities. That, on the other hand, motivates and excites me. #Hokkaido179

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  1. I'm happy to see that you and your family are all enjoying Japan.


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