Japan Diaries 4: Day 215


Day 215: June 4, 2022

Saturday - Reuke Farm and Golden Beach

It's a weekend once again. It's also a sunny warm Saturday morning. What better way to spend it than walking around Rumoi City. To make this day memorable, my family and I decided to go somewhere I haven't been to yet. Hence, we'd be going to Reuke Farm

Another early morning stroll in Rumoi City

We saw a fox near Miharashi Park

Miharashi Park

Visited Miharashi Park in the summer

On the way to Reuke Farm, we passed by Miharashi Park. We didn't miss the chance to spend time in its playground. Ella seems to have enjoyed her time in the park. 

Rumoi Shrine

We made a brief visit to Rumoi Shrine...

... then Hokokuji

We then proceeded on our way, stopping briefly at Rumoi Shrine. Before we went to the adjacent Hokokuji, I said a quick prayer and wished for something very personal. 

Coffee at 711 Okimichio

Check out that view from Route 231

From there, we continued on to 711 Okimichio on Route 231 of the Ororon Line near Golden Beach Rumoi. We bought our favorite 711 coffee and some snacks for breakfast.

We passed by the Monument of Survey in Hamanakacho

Stopover at the beach at part of Golden Beach in Hamanakacho

After our coffee break, we continued on Route 231 south to Mashike but stopped at the roadside lavatory near the beach. We stayed for a bit to enjoy the view. 

The Japanese are really good with convenience. Check out this beautiful seaside lavatory in Hamanakacho

Reuke Farm
This way to Reuke Farm

We had to travel another thirty minutes to get to Reuke Farm, which is perched on a cliff. Reuke Farm is renowned for its wind farms, breathtaking beach views, delectable soft cream, and the blossoming frame from late May to early June.

Team Nicerio visits the rapeseed fields at Reuke Farm

Torimu Restaurant - Reuke Farm

We loved the soft cream of Reuke Farm...

...and also the view from Torimu Restaurant 

We had a great day photographing the wide golden rapeseed flower fields. Apart from that, we had soft cream at Torimu Restaurant (礼受牧場 トリム). 

It's time to head back home

On our way home, we revisited and enjoyed the warmth of the sand of Golden Beach Rumoi

It was a long walk home, but it was well worth it. We returned to the shore and strolled down the sand.

Grocery shopping at COOP Rumoi.

We stopped at COOP for groceries before heading home since Ella had requested yakiniku for supper, which we gladly provided.

Rumoi City
Yakiniku for dinner

Overall, we had another amazing day here in Rumoi. We got to visit new places and most of all, had a perfect dayender in the form of the sumptuous yakiniku dinner.

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