Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 32

Weekend 32: June 11 - 12, 2022

Day 222: June 11, 2022

Saturday - Sports Festival at Midorigaoka Elementary School

Today is a special day for Ella as it is her first Sports Festival at Midorigaoka Elementary School. She was too eager and excited to go to school, as a matter of fact, she went ahead of us at around 8AM. We followed almost an hour later. 

Students of Midorigaoka Elementary School prepare for their game

The program started at 9AM. The students were divided into two teams which are red and white. Ella was part of the white team. This reminded me of the Helm and Vinta in PAREF Southridge School for Boys. 

Daddy and Mommy came to support

It was fun watching the kids give their all in the different games. Ella played in the 100m race and the 5 colors tug of war. Sadly, her team lost this year. Regardless, they seem to enjoy playing together. It was also a perfect way to teach these kids humility and sportsmanship. 

Ella with Teacher Kanda

When we got home, we praised Ella for doing her best and we talked about how she can improve so that next time she can help her team win. We then went out to buy groceries at Coop. We didn't stay long though and it proved to be a wise decision as heavy rain started to pour down a few minutes after we got back home. 

Alaina and Hana came to visit

That afternoon, Alaina and Hana came to visit. We had fun playing UNO as Hana was very competitive. Aside from playing UNO, we also taught her some Tagalog words like numbers and colors using the UNO cards. 

When they left, we rested and called it a night early. In this way, we get to replenish our energy for whatever plans we have tomorrow. That is if the weather would be kind to us. 

Day 223: June 12, 2022

Sunday - Senbodai and Golden Beach

It's another Sunday family day. Unlike yesterday when it was rainy most of the day, today was totally sunny. Hence, we headed out to visit another place in Rumoi City. 

It's another beautiful day in Rumoi City.

Stopover: Ikkyuan

After breakfast, we walked along Route 231 going to Senbodai. Along the way, we checked out Ikkyuan which is a pastry shop located at 1-Chome-38 Suminoecho. We bought the Gold Kiwi Soft Cream and some cream puff. 

Time to hike Senbodai


Senbodai (千望台) was about 30 - 40 minutes away on foot. The last time I visited, the pathway was literally covered with snow and the lone cafe, Heartland Cafe, was closed for the winter. Thankfully it was already open when we got there. 


We enjoyed the soft cream of HeartLand Cafe

We enjoyed some quality time here

HeartLand 🧡Cafe had an amazing rustic ambiance. They offered various food and we tried the soft creme and the parfait. I also ordered a heap of fries for snacks. before walking down the hill, we took plenty of photos and videos for my digital album. 

Team Nicerio revisits Senbodai

Off to our next destination

Went to Sapporo Drug Rumoi to check out some groceries

Golden Beach Rumoi

Ella enjoying her time at Golden Beach Rumoi

We stayed in Senbodai for about 3 hours. From there, we walked back down through Okimicho towards Golden Beach Rumoi where Ella had her fun. 

Dinner at Sukiya Rumoi

Before heading home, we had dinner at Sukiya Rumoi.

Overall, today was another memorable day for Team Nicerio. However, in a way, we have already visited all the major tourist spots in Rumoi. That means it's only a matter of time before we head out to explore other towns and cities. Well, that's something that makes me excited #Hokkaido179

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