Japan Diaries 4: Day 166

Day 166: April 16, 2022

Saturday - Reuniting with my Family in Sapporo

Finally! After 6 months apart, I will finally be reunited with my family. I'll meet them at New Chitose Airport today. We'd also spend the weekend in Sapporo City before returning to Rumoi City.

Here comes the Engan bus bound for Sapporo

Surprise, surprise! Abi, the Obira ALT, is also on the bus going to Sapporo.

Arrived at Sapporo JR Station

I took the 8:30 a.m. Engan Bus from Motokawacho bus stop to Sapporo JR Station bus terminal in Sapporo City. Since my wife and daughter were scheduled to arrive around 5 p.m. and I had more than 5 hours to kill, I used the chance to visit Sapporo JR Station and other local tourist attractions.

First stop: Sapporo's Akarenga

My first stop was Hokkaido Government Office / Akarenga but it was closed and seemed like it was undergoing maintenance work. 

Inside Sapporo Clock Tower

I then headed to the Sapporo Clock Tower. I wasn't able to enter it the last time I went to Sapporo to meet my Filipino ALT friends so I took the chance to enter it and check out what it has to offer. I probably explored it for over an hour as it was almost lunch when I decided to go to my next destination. 

Passed by Odori Park and the Sapporo TV Tower

From the Sapporo Clock Tower, I walked for several blocks to Odori Park where I was able to see the Sapporo TV Tower again. The park looked very different from the last time I visited as it now lacks the snow that covered it before. 

I only passed through the park as I was actually heading to Sapporo Ramen Alley. I also passed by Tanukikoji Street along the way. It made me reminisce about the bonding times that I had with the other Filipino ALTs last Christmas. 

Time to buy lunch at Sapporo Ramen Alley

Spicy Miso Ramen from Teshikaga Ramen

It was already lunchtime when I reached Sapporo Ramen Alley. I decided to eat lunch at one of the ramen restaurants in the famed alley. I chose the Teshikaga Ramen as it has a lot of positive reviews on Google Maps. I ordered the Spicy Miso Ramen with all toppings which was highly recommended by those who left reviews on Google Maps and TripAdvisor.

I headed back to the area near Sapporo JR Station to look for Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen

I finally found Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen

From there, I headed back in the direction of Sapporo Station for the 3PM check-in at Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen, where we booked our overnight stay. 

Arrived at New Chitose Airport

New Chitose Airport Pokemon Store

I bought my daughter a New Chitose Cabin Attendant (CA) Pikachu

I freshened up a bit before heading back to Sapporo Station. I then rode the Rapid Airport train to New Chitose Airport. I still have a few hours left to wait when I arrived at the airport so I explored it a little. One of the places that I visited was the Pokemon Store New Chitose Airport. I bought the store-exclusive New Chitose Cabin Attendant (CA) Pikachu as a welcome gift to Ella when she arrived. 

Welcome to Hokkaido!

Team Nicerio toured the airport a bit

By 4:30PM I was already at the arrival area waiting for my wife and daughter. It didn't take long for us to finally have our emotional family reunion. It has been 5 months since we last hugged and kissed each other. I'm really thankful that my family made it to Hokkaido safely. 

Team Nicerio is finally complete

We then headed back to Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen in Sapporo City to rest a bit and drop off their luggage before heading out again for dinner. 

We're heading back to Sapporo

Reached Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen in the afternoon

Dinner at Curry Kitchen Onion before calling it a day

Speaking of dinner, we ate at Curry Kitchen Onion where, you guessed it right, we ordered and ate curry. If you'd ask me I highly recommend the Katsu Curry.

The curry in Curry Kitchen Onion is too beautiful to eat

Time to call it a day @ Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen 

Overall, today was probably my most memorable day so far since I got here in Hokkaido. I thank God for bringing my family to Hokkaido safely. 

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