Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 23

Weekend 23: April 9-10, 2022

Day 159: April 9, 2022

Saturday - House Cleaning & Grocery Day

Good morning everyone, it's another weekend! As usual, I spent most of my morning doing laundry and cleaning the house. 

House cleaning day

Who wants some steak for lunch?

I then cooked steak for lunch before biking to MaxValu to buy some groceries.
Grocery shopping at MaxValu Rumoi 

As for my evening, I wrote some articles for my blog and also prepare my backpack for the bike trip to the town of Mashike with the other ALTs of Rumoi City.

Time to buy more meat

KitKat Dark Matcha

KitKat Cacao

Overall, I might not have visited any new destinations today but I can say that I spent my Saturday very well. Let's call it a day, and let's bike to Mashike tomorrow! See you guys!

Day 160: April 10, 2022

Sunday - Biked to Mashike with friends

It's another beautiful morning. As planned, I'm heading out today to bike with my ALT friends to the town of Mashike. We met up at Kiaya's place and left for Mashike at 10:30AM. 

Off to Mashike with the other Rumoi ALTs

We had to stop plenty of times along the way to rest, rehydrate and take photos. However, the most memorable stop that we had was when we were stopped by the police about halfway through Mashike. We didn't do anything wrong though, the policeman was just curious as to why there were three gaikokujin (foreigners) biking on a road less traveled by tourists let alone foreigners. He just took our info and had a little chat with us before bidding us safe travels. 

13 kilometers more to Mashike

Exploring Mashike on foot with Alia the Mashike ALT

We arrived at Mashike at around 12:45 and met up with Alia, the Mashike ALT. We parked our bikes at her place and explored the town on foot. These are the things that we did:

Crossed the scenic Tsuribashi Bridge and visited the Mashike Riverside Park.
We said goodbye to Alia and left Mashike to bike back to Rumoi City at around 4:50PM. We did a quick side trip to Inari Shrine at Afun, Mashike to offer inarizushi to the spirits. We arrived at Rumoi City at around 7:30 and I got home at around 8PM. 

Thanks, Alia for touring us around your town

Overall, today was a very memorable day for me and probably for the three of us. I'm looking forward to our next bike ride together.

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