Mashike Riverside Park - Hokkaido

Mashike Riverside Park (増毛リバーサイドパーク), which can be found at 459 Betsukari in Mashike, Hokkaido Prefecture, is a lovely park that attracts plenty of visitors in the summer.

Mashike Riverside Park

Mashike Riverside Park details


Mashike Riverside Park is a 10-hectare all-natural turf park that is fully equipped with different facilities like tennis courts, a soccer field, and even a golf course. 

Mashike Riverside Park - Mashike Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

Mashike Riverside Park in winter

The map of Mashike Riverside Park

Tsuribashi Bridge as seen from the parking lot in Shokan Park

The main entrance to the park is via Minamishokancho through Shokan Park which is another park across the Shokanbetsu River. From there, you need to cross the Tsuribashi Bridge which is a beautiful vermilion-colored suspension bridge that connects both parks.

Photos of Tsuribashi Bridge

Tsuribashi Bridge

Speaking of Tsuribashi Bridge measures about 100 meters. When on the bridge, you have a very beautiful view of the Shokanbetsu River and on a clear day, Mt. Shokanbetsu serves as a magnificent backdrop. 

Shokanbetsu River

As mentioned, Mashike Riverside Park is a popular tourist destination during summer. Aside from its numerous recreational facilities, Visitors can actually set up camp here. The campsite is open from mid-April to mid-October. It is highly recommended to pitch your tent at around 1PM - 5PM and then pack up at around noon the next day to give others a chance for others to enjoy the place too.

The Backpack Adventures visits Mashike Riverside Park

I got to visit Mashike Riverside Park for the first time last April 10, 2022, which was my 160th day here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. I visited the park with my other Rumoi ALT friends during our bike trip to Mashike from Rumoi. Sadly, we weren't equipped for camping yet, and aside from that camping isn't allowed at that time too. Regardless, we got to ocular a potential campsite for summer. 

Mashike Riverside Park Fees  

It's FREE to enter and explore Mashike Riverside Park. It's also FREE to pitch a tent and use the barbeque facility. 
However, the other facilities need to be reserved in advance and have corresponding fees like the following:

Park Golf Course - 200 yen per person (equipment rental and scorecard included)
Tennis Court - Adult 640 yen/hour and Children 420 yen/hour
Auto Camping - 2000 yen/night without power supply and 4000 yen/night with power supply.

For reservations and inquiries, contact Mashike Town Hall Commerce and Tourism Division at 164-53-3332. 

Mashike Riverside Park Operating Hour

Mashike Riverside Park is open 24 hours from late April to mid-October. The facilities are open 10AM -5PM.

Why visit Mashike Riverside Park?

Mashike Riverside Park is one of the best places in Hokkaido for camping. Aside from the relaxing view, visitors can also try out the different facilities here like the golf course and the tennis court. In short, it's a perfect weekend getaway. 

Getting to Mashike Riverside Park

Commuting to Mashike became less convenient after the closure of the JR Mashike Line. Regardless, tourists can still ride the bus to Mashike from Rumoi City. 

Here is the link to the timetable, fare, and bus stops of the Engan Bus that ply the Mashike route and back.




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