Japan Diaries 4: Week 23

Week 23: April 4-8, 2022

Day 154: April 4, 2022

Monday - Rumoi

Good morning everyone! It's the start of another week. I'm very excited as my wife and daughter would fly to Japan next week. It's still spring break hence there are no students in Rumoi High School.

Rumoi High School 4/4/22

Regardless, I was busy crafting worksheets and PowerPoint presentations for the next week. 

I got renewed as an ALT for another year

The new teachers and staff were introduced to the faculty by Koucho-sensei

At 9AM, I headed to Koucho-sensei's office together with the new teachers and staff. We were officially welcomed for this school year and we received our appointment and reappointment papers. I met my new JTEs Matsuda-sensei and Ito-sensei

Bought my month's supply of Moekko Free Tickets at the Engan Bus Sales Office.

During my lunch break, I headed to the Engan bus ticket office to buy some Moekko Free Tickets for my visit to schools this month. When I got back to school, I resumed crafting worksheets and PowerPoint presentations for my collaboration classes the next week, I also studied Japanese before going back home. 

Day 155: April 5, 2022

Tuesday - Rumoi

Good morning guys! Today's weather is great hence I biked to work.

Rumoi High School 4/5/22

The teachers of Rumoi High School were having meetings left and right. There were times when I was the only person in the faculty room. To make my day productive, I started making proposals for our future English Club activities.  

It's a beautiful day in Rumoi City

To make the proposals a reality, I reached out to Alaina Sato of the Funaba English Kitchen. The two other Rumoi ALTs of Rumoi City Kiaya and Joshua, and my wife. They all showed eagerness to be part of the English Club activities. 

I studied Japanese the whole day.

After lunch, I spent the whole afternoon self-studying Japanese. That afternoon before going home, I got to chat with my new supervisor Matsuda-sensei. We talked about how the ALT and the JTE work together and other things. He seems to be a nice person and I hope that we would have a great school year together. 

Day 156: April 6, 2022

Wednesday - Rumoi

It's a rainy morning. 😔 Hence, I had to walk to Rumoi High School today. Regardless, it's a perfect day to learn more Japanese while sipping hot coffee. 

Rumoi High School 4/6/22

Like in the past days, I spent the day crafting lessons and studying Japanese. 

Coffee + Study = perfect combination

Overall, since there is nothing much to do today, I managed to relax a bit and learn some Japanese. 

Day 157: April 7, 2022

Thursday - Rumoi

Thank God for the beautiful sunny morning. 🌞 Because of that, I got to bike to Rumoi High School again. 

Rumoi High School 4/7/22

By now I'm doing the same things for four days already. In a way, I miss having students here in the school. What's new today is that I met the new teacher Sengoku-sensei today. 

First official nomikai of Rumoi High School for this year

Also, in the afternoon, I was alone in the faculty room as the teachers were in a meeting. When they all came back, I helped Motoyama-sensei decorate her room and before going home, I got an invite to the first official nomikai of Rumoi High School to be held at Chobisuke on April 15 at 6:30PM. 

Day 158: April 8, 2022

Friday - Rumoi

TGIF! Although it's cloudy today and there is a chance of snow again, I still took the opportunity to bike to Rumoi High School

Rumoi High School 4/8/22

Rumoi High School student assembly

At 8:55AM, the new teachers (including me) were asked to introduce themselves in front of the 2nd and 3rd-year students during the opening held in the auditorium. I'm happy that I got to formally introduce myself to everyone in a traditional Japanese school setting. 

After lunch, we headed back to the auditorium for the Welcoming of the Freshmen Ceremony.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my day. See you tomorrow! 

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  1. That's a nice view of Rumoi City from your school. Lucky you.

  2. Congratulations on being reappointed!


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