Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 13

Weekend 13: January 29 - 30, 2022

Day 89: January 29, 2022 

Saturday - Asahikawa w/ Hasewaga-sensei

Good morning everyone! There is sort of a blizzard today when I woke up so I texted Hasewega-sensei if our Asahikawa trip would push through. He responded that it would push through and that he'd pick me up at 11AM. True enough, he was there on the dot.

Off to Asahikawa with Hasegawa-sensei

From Rumoi City, we drove to Asahikawa via the scenic back roads. It was a fun trip as we talked about a lot of things like AKB48 and the history of the English language.

Late lunch at Cafe de Collines

I tried the omurice for lunch

Cafe de Collines banana ice cream for dessert

Our first stop for today was Cafe de Collines for late lunch. Turns out, this place is Hasegawa sensei's favorite hangout place. It was cozy and the jazz music was relaxing. It's really a great place to spend your mornings just sipping coffee and enjoying the music.

Hasegawa-sensei helped me buy my ski at Trial Asahikawa

So many ski sets to choose from

We also checked some ski clothes and accessories

After lunch, we drove to Trial to buy my ski gear. We also canvassed ski jackets and pants but found them a bit pricey so Hasegawa sensei then drove me to some second-hand shops to help me find cheaper ski jackets and pants. 

Pulp Town (Hard Off)

Nandemo Recycle Big Ban Asahikawa

We went to Pulp Town (Hard Off) and Nandemo Recycle Big Ban Asahikawa. Sadly, it's either they didn't have stocks or the ones that they have are pricier than that of Trial.

Coach and Four Asahikawa

Tried the soft cream of Doutor in Coach and Four Asahikawa

Since we weren't able to find what we are looking for, I told Hasegawa sensei that I'd try my luck in the clothing stores in Rumoi instead. He agreed so we then drove to Coach and Four Asahikawa to check out some books, magazines, and CDs for sensei's collection. Before going home, we had some soft ice cream at Doutor.

Overall, I consider our trip to Asahikawa successful as I now have my own ski. However, I still need to look for appropriate clothing before our ski trip next Friday.

Day 90: January 30, 2022

Sunday - Rest day 

Hello guys! Since I was on the whole day yesterday, I used up my time today to do some laundry and rest. I had my Managerial Statistics Class for my MBA Class after lunch.

Lunch for today 

After my class, I updated my blog, watched some films on Netflix, and of course, chatted with the family. 

I learned a lot in my Managerial Statistics Class. Thanks, Doc Young!

That evening, I had some fun chatting with the 2022 shortlisted applicants. We talked about life in Japan, their experience of being an ALT, and their plans for their interview.

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