Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 14

Weekend 14: February 5 - 6, 2022

Day 96: February 5, 2022

Saturday - Rest at home

Woke up to a very cold morning. It also seems like my adrenaline from yesterday's ski trip already subsided and I'm already feeling the effects of all those tumbles and explosive movements. In short, I'm sore.

I spent most of the day blogging

As you might recall, I joined the annual ski trip of Tomamae Commercial High School yesterday at Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort. Since it was my first time to ski, my adrenaline and dopamine nullified whatever pain my body felt every time I fall down or overstretch whatever muscle. 

Lunch for today: Shin Noodle Soup and burnt porkchop

Well, today would probably be the first time in the year (and hopefully the only time) that I took Alaxan®

Spent the night chatting with my beautiful wife.

I spent the whole day at home resting and doing some easy chores. I also took the time to update my blog and chat with my family. That basically is how my Saturday went. Hopefully, I'm already feeling well tomorrow so I could go for a walk. 

Day 97: February 6, 2022

Sunday - Strolling around Rumoi + 2nd Haircut in Rumoi

Good morning everyone! It's another cold morning here in Rumoi City. However, the good thing is that I feel a lot better now compared to yesterday. Hence, I headed out for my usual weekend stroll around the city.

Rumoi City
Time to go out for a walk

Rumoi City remains buried in snow

Rumoi City
Check out this vending machine

For today's stroll, I actually didn't have any particular place to go to so I just walked along the main highway. Seeing all those barber poles along the way, I was reminded that I needed to have a haircut already so I headed to KK Ri Hair Salon where I got my first haircut. Sadly, it was closed when I arrived so I just continued walking and decided that I will have the haircut in the first barbershop that was open along the way. 

KK Ri Hair Salon is closed for the day

After walking for about 350 meters, I reached Ororon Road (Route 231), and just around the corner, I saw the familiar barber's pole rotating outside a modern establishment called Saji Barbershop. I immediately went in and asked for their services. 

Saji Barbershop

The place was cozy and clean. Although the barber does not speak much English, we managed to understand each other through Google translate and with the photo that I had saved on my phone.  

Rumoi City
I'm happy with my haircut at Saji Barbershop

The barber was very patient and is very skillful in his vocation. The service costs 3000 yen and it includes shampoo, gel, and a bit of scalp massage.

Rumoi Shrine in winter

The Backpack Adventure revisits Rumoi Shrine

From there, I walked back home taking the side streets. I passed by Rumoi Shrine and was surprised by how much snow has accumulated on its grounds. I took some photos and videos of it so that I can compare it with the ones that I took last November. 

Time for some groceries at COOP

Grocery shopping for some 魚...

...and some chips

I then headed to COOP to buy some groceries. I also applied for my own COOP card before buying the week's worth of groceries. When I got home, I didn't miss the opportunity to chat with my family before taking a relaxing dip in the bathtub and then calling it a day. 

Overall, it might be another cold weekend but I still got to go out and explore Rumoi City. I'm looking forward to next week.

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  1. The "Norishio" flavor of that Big Bag Chips of Calbee tastes better.

    1. That's actually one of my favorites. Have you tried the popcorn of Seicomart?


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