Japan Diaries 4: Week 13

Week 13: January 24-28, 2022 

Day 84: January 24, 2022

Monday - COVID Preventive Measures 

Due to some teachers and students testing positive for the virus last week, the school decided to suspend classes for the students today. As for us teachers, we reported for work as if nothing happened. 

After the usual morning meeting, the teachers were provided gloves, tissues, and alcohol bottles and were asked to clean areas that are commonly and frequently touched by students and teachers. In a way, this shows an admirable Japanese culture of older people willing to sacrifice themselves for the younger generation.

Back to work after disinfecting the classrooms

When the mission seems to have been accomplished, Motoyama sensei and I discussed our plans for the class tomorrow. Since the topic is about comparisons, we decided to compare the Philippines and Japan so I spent the rest of the day creating, a PowerPoint slide for the said lesson. 

Bought a new batch of Moekko Free Tickets for my visit to schools

During lunch, I asked permission to go to the Engan bus terminal to buy a fresh batch of Moekko Free Tickets. This time I bought tickets that would cover my school visits until the end of March.

Before the day ended, I received good news from my wife. The COE files that I sent her last Wednesday already arrived. What a piece of perfect news to end the day.

Day 85: January 24,2022 

Tuesday - Rumoi 

The students are finally back. Regardless, it's still a pretty chill day for me here in Rumoi High School as I only had one collaboration class today. 

Rumoi High School 1/24/2022

Here's my workload for today: 

3rd Period - Comparing JPN and the PH @ 3F2 of Motoyama-sensei 

Before going home I was informed by Kutsumi-sensei that my visit to Haboro High School on Thursday is canceled as a COVID preventive measure.

Day 86: January 25, 2022  

Wednesday - Embetsu

Today is my 5th time visiting Embetsu Agricultural High School. For this trip, I used my 2-day Skip Moekko Free Ticket.

Embetsu Agricultural High School 1/25/2022

Here's my workload for today:

1st period - Last man standing @ 3rd year of Sasaki-sensei
3rd period - Charade (gerund) @ 1st grade advanced of Sasaki-sensei
4th period - Charade (gerund) @ 1st grade basic of Sasaki-sensei

After classes, I received an invite from Guy, the Tomamae ALT, inviting me and my fellow Rumoi City ALTs for dinner at Cocoro (Restaurant) in Tomamae.

Of course, I'm up for that. Guy met me at the Tomamae Uemachi bus stop and because the two other Rumoi City ALTs would arrive after an hour, we headed to his house first and played video games while waiting for them.  

Cocoro (Restaurant)

I ordered pork tonkatsu from Cocoro (Restaurant)

Guy and I headed back to the bus stop just as Joshua and Kiaya's bus was arriving to meet them. Once together, we walked for several blocks to Cocoro

Stayed at Guy's place for a time to play video games before going home.

The food was good but the conversation was better. We stayed until closing time. After dinner, we headed to Guy's place to chill a bit and play some more video games. That night, to end Day 86, Guy drove us back home.

Day 87: January 27, 2022

Thursday - Rumoi 

Originally, I'm supposed to be going to Haboro High School today but they canceled my visit schedule so I'll be reporting to my main school which is Rumoi High School instead.

Rumoi High School 1/27/2022

Here's my workload today:

4th period - How Energy is Made @ 1-345 of Sato-sensei
7th period - Living with Robots @ 2-1 of Motoyama-sensei

It's another beautiful winter night here in Rumoi City

It was a tiring day today. The cold really does sap one's energy. I left Rumoi High School a bit late to finish some PowerPoint slides and also to conserve the gas of my heater. 

Day 88: January 28, 2022

Friday - Tomamae

Today is my 5th time visiting Tomamae Commercial High School. For this trip, I used my 2-day Skip Moekko Free Ticket

Time to ride the Engan bus once again

Tomamae Commercial High School 1/28/2022

Here's my workload for today: 

2nd period - Listening Test @ 3rd year of Hasegawa-sensei
3rd period - Listening Test @ Elective of Hasegawa-sensei

Before leaving, Hasegawa-sensei opened up about the skiing trip to the school next Friday. When he saw that I was interested, he invited me to go. After finding out that I don't have the necessary gear, he volunteered to drive and accompany me to Asahikawa tomorrow. 

Uehira #3
A sudden blizzard hit when I was on my way home. Thank goodness there is a warm waiting place for buses. 

Of course, I didn't miss out on this opportunity. It's another out-of-town trip for me.

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