Japan Diaries 4: Week 14

Week 14: January 31 - February 4, 2022

Day 91: January 31, 2022

Monday - Rumoi

Good morning! It's the start of another work week. I'm back reporting at Rumoi High School

Rumoi High School 1/21/2022

Here's my workload for today:

1st period - Checked Sato-sensei's 1-5 worksheet about Types of Energy
2nd period - Proofread the exam of Shiko-sensei
5th period - Discussed the edits of the exam with Shiko-sensei

Thanks for the gift Komai-sensei

After work, I stayed to help Komai-sensei practice for his Eiken exam and was surprised that he gave me a gift afterward. 

Day 92: February 1, 2022

Tuesday - Rumoi

Rumoi High School 2/1/2022

Just like that, we are tearing the first leaf off our school calendar to welcome February. Before work started at Rumoi High School today, Kutsumi sensei informed me that my visit to Haboro High School this coming Wednesday is again canceled. Hence. I asked my JTEs if they needed help on that day and was glad to be invited to some classes.

However, before I talk about that, here's my workload for today:

4th period - Letters from the Battlefield @ 2-34 of Motoyama-sensei
6th period - Robot worksheet @ 2-1 of Motoyama-sensei

It's this dark already but it's just almost 5PM.

Off to Asuka Cafe for our Rumoi English Chat Club

That night, Adachi san picked me up from my home for our bi-weekly Rumoi English Chat Club. For had a free talk as our topic today. 

Day 93: February 2, 2022

Wednesday - Rumoi

Rumoi High School 2/2/2022

I was scheduled to visit Haboro High School today but they canceled for the second time. Hence, I'll report to Rumoi High School today. It's a good thing as there was a heavy snowfall today.

Here's my workload for today:

1st period - Robot worksheet continuation @ 2-1 of Motoyama-sensei
3rd period - Living with Robots @ 2-2 of Shiko-sensei

I'm enjoying my Eiken practice with Komai-sensei 

After work, I stayed to help and practice Komai-sensei again for his Eiken exam.

Lapita Ramen with the Rumoi City ALTs

I ordered Lapita Ramen's Miso Ramen.

That night, I went out with the other Rumoi City ALTs for dinner. We tried the Miso Ramen of Lapita Ramen. As usual, we had a blast and chatted about it until closing time.

Day 94: February 3, 2022

Thursday - Embetsu

Embetsu Agricultural High School 2/3/2022

Good morning! Today is my 6th visit to Embetsu Agricultural High School. For today's trip, I used my newly purchased 1-day Moekko Free Ticket

Here's my workload for today:

Embetsu Agricultural High School
I attended a research presentation of the 2nd year students before my classes with Sasaki-sensei

3rd period - Passive Voice @ 1st year advanced of Sasaki-sensei
4th period - Passive voice @ 1st year basic of Sasaki-sensei

That afternoon, before heading home, I passed by Embetsu Shrine located across the street from Embetsu Agricultural High School.  

I went to check how Embetsu Shrine looks like in winter

Waiting for the bus home at Embetsu bus stop

Aside from that, instead of boarding down at the Motokawacho bus stop, I boarded down at the Shinonomecho-2-chome bus stop and then walked the rest of the way to Homac to see if I can purchase ski attire for tomorrow's activity. Luckily, I managed to buy the last set. It was actually the one worn by a mannequin.

Caught in a blizzard on my way home from Homac...

From there, I walked back home, called my wife to chat with her about how the day went, and also get updates about my plans of coming to Japan aka Project Reunite

Day 95: February 3, 2022

Friday - Ski Trip with Tomamae Commercial High School 

This is it! The day that I have been looking forward to this week. It's going to be my first ever ski experience.

Hasegawa-sensei picked me up and we drove to Tomamae Commercial High School

Thanks, Hasegawa-sensei

For this trip, I am joining the students and teachers of Tomamae Commercial High School on their ski trip. Since the trip would be early and the ski gear is heavy, Hasegawa-sensei picked me up from home. 

Tomamae Commercial High School 2/3/2022

We first drove to Tomamae Commercial High School where we waited for everyone to arrive and board the bus to the ski resort. Hasegawa-sensei and I conveyed with the bus going to Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort

Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort

We did some stretching before we went skiing

My fee was already generously covered by my JTE so my only concern is how to put on my ski shoes and, of course, how to ski. Thankfully, the students were kind enough to help me with the former. 

We rode the ski lift going up the hill

The first thing that I did after strapping on my ski was to join the stretching activity. After the said activity, Hasegawa-sensei and I rode the ski lift to the top of the hill. For a first-timer, it was a very steep hill. It was no surprise that I tumbled countless times on the ski trip down the hill.

The view is fantastic from up here

Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort
I survived the ski downhill. Although it took me almost 2  hours to do so.

It took me and Hasegawa-sensei more than an hour to get down the hill. Thankfully, Hasegawa sensei was a very patient person. I never saw him annoyed seeing me stumble even after giving me dozens of tips. 

Went back to the ski hut to eat lunch

We were very hungry when we got down the hill. As a gesture of thanks, I bought Hasegawa sensei lunch. After eating, we were both very exhausted so we rested for about an hour. 

Preparing for our second trip up the mountain.

Trying my luck, I told Hasegawa-sensei that I wanted to go up the hill one more time so that I can use whatever I learned from the first try since I was confident about moving forward and slowing down. However, skiing is not only a forward-motion sport, I did not know how to turn yet, so as expected I tumbled a lot again. Regardless, we managed to ski down the hill in less than an hour. It was an improvement by my standards but it was very exhausting. 

One last look at Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort before heading back to Tomamae Commercial High School

We didn't get a third try but we practiced on the lower slopes for about half an hour before returning to Tomamae Commercial High School. I spent the afternoon chatting with Hasegawa sensei and then Kyoto sensei. 

We had dinner at Yabukin (Soba Restaurant) in Rumoi City

I rode with Hasegawa-sensei home at around 5PM. However, before proceeding home, we first ate dinner at Yabukin which is a soba restaurant in Rumoi City. 

Thank you Hasegawa-sensei for your generosity. The food was great.

Overall, today was one of the most physically exhausting days that I had here in Japan. I don't know how much adrenaline my body pumped, but my dopamine levels were at their peak. Although skiing is on my bucket list, I won't erase it just yet until I learned how to do it properly. That's why I'm looking forward to my next ski trip. 

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