Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 11

Weekend 11: January 15 - 16, 2022

Day 75: January 15, 2022

Saturday: Flight back home

Hey guys! So this is it, my last day here in Osaka. 😔😔😔 Since my flight is at 12NN. I didn't have time to squeeze in any short trips like what my Japanese family and I would usually do before. Instead, I double-checked my luggage and cleaned my room that morning. 

Woke up to a beautiful morning here in Kumatori in Osaka

Here's my breakfast for today

When I went down, Mr. Toshi already cooked breakfast for us. While eating, we had a chat about travel plans for the future. After the meal, he helped me with my luggage and with the reservation for the bus going back to Rumoi City. 

Time to say goodbye to Mr. Toshi's home

We left the Kameyama Residence a little before 11AM. With us are Ms. Taeko, Ms. Sawa, and baby Karin. We arrived at Kansai International Airport Terminal 2 at 11:30AM. 

See you in Hokkaido, Mr. Toshi and family. 

Since it was a domestic flight, the check-in process was easy. It took me less than 20 minutes to accomplish my tasks. After that, I bid my Japanese family farewell with our customary hugs. I then proceeded to the boarding area. 


Boarding time!

I boarded Peach Aviation flight MM109 at around 11:55AM. The flight left Osaka (KIX) exactly at 12NN and arrived at New Chitose Airport at 1:55AM. 

A bird's eye view of Osaka

New Chitose Airport Station

After picking up my luggage, I ate late lunch at the Yoshinoya restaurant at the airport. From there, I rode the JR Rapid Airport (1680yen) going to Sapporo Station

Sapporo Station
Waiting for the bus at Sapporo Station

Boarding the Engan Bus to Rumoi City

There were delays due to snow pile-ups on the tracks luckily, I reserved the 6PM bus to Rumoi City, not the 4:10PM one as I arrived at Sapporo Station at around 4:30PM. I just ordered coffee at Starbucks and waited for my bus. 

Stopover at Uryu Roadside Station

Touchdown Rumoi City!

The Backpack Adventures winter in Rumoi City
Arrived at Rumoi and was greeted with snow... snow... and tons more of snow

The Engan Bus trip took around 3 hours and 12 minutes. When I arrived at the Motokawacho bus stop, I was overwhelmed with the amount of snow that has accumulated in the 2 weeks that I was gone. 

Home sweet home

Warming up the house before calling it a day

When I got home, I only got the energy to inform my family and Mr. Toshi that I'm safely home. Well, that wraps up my 75th day here in Japan

Day 76: January 16, 2022

Sunday - Last Day of my Winter Vacation

Today is the last day of my winter vacation. I spent most of the morning unpacking my luggage from my recent trip. However, I was still tired from the trip, hence, I wasn't able to unpack everything I just removed all the perishables. 

Writing some articles for The Backpack Adventures

My morning was spent writing articles for my blog and most of it was uneventful, well not until the afternoon though as an unexpected letter arrived...

Received the Certificate of Eligibility for my family. 

It was the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) that I applied for last January 4. Opening it was a very tense experience. Thankfully, the COE was approved which means that once I send this to my wife, they would already be able to apply for a Dependent Visa and can come here to Rumoi City to be with me.

I went out to buy some groceries

Check out the snow on the bus stop near my house

Grocery at COOP Rumoi

That letter made my day. That night, my wife and I celebrated over video making today a very memorable day. 

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