Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 5

Weekend 5: December 4-5, 2021

Meeting the Rumoi ALTs

Day 33: December 4, 2021

Saturday - Dinner at Curry Zion

Like my previous Saturdays, half my day today was spent doing laundry and attending my MBA 303 class. Today, I was assigned to report about the Motorola Case Study

Time to learn Japanese

Since snow now covered the city and half the day was over, I decided to just stay at home and update my blog.  I also spent time studying Japanese.

Curry Zion - Rumoi City

I ordered... You guessed that right! Curry!

That evening, I got an invite to meet and dine with Kiaya, the new ALT for Rumoi Junior High School, and her supervisor at Curry Zion. The servings were big and the taste of the food was good which is expected from an 1800 yen meal. 

Walking back home

After the meetup, I went back home and continued editing my blog. To end the day, I took a relaxing dip in my hot tub. It was a perfect way to wrap up my 33rd day here in Rumoi City. 

Day 34: December 5, 2021

Sunday - Rumoi Block meet up

Good morning everyone, the morning of my 34th day here is pretty much routine. However, all the fun was in the afternoon because I'd be attending the Rumoi Block ALT get-together in Obira.  

Kodairacho Bunkakoryu Center

That afternoon, our Block Adviser (BA) Guy Geva picked me up and the other Rumoi City ALT from our homes for the trip to Kodairacho Bunkakoryu Center in the town of Obira. We got to book a room there thanks to Abi. 

Rumoi Block ALTs 2021

It was an amazing night. The food was delicious and the chats were fun. I got to get to know those who were present. Here are those who came:

Alia - Mashike Town
Me - Rumoi City
Kiaya - Rumoi City
Abby - Obira Town
Victoria (and her family) - Haboro Town 
Guy - Tomamae Town
Yasmin - Shosanbetsu Village

The Kodairacho Bunkakoryu Center was pretty big. It also has a fossil of a plesiosaur as a centerpiece. This pretty much reminded me of Jurassic Park. I would surely visit it again someday.

Here's what you'd see in the Kodairacho Bunkakoryu Center:

The highlight of the Kodairacho Bunkakoryu Center

Kodairacho Bunkakoryu Center plesiosaur fossil

After the event, Guy drove me and Kiaya back to Rumoi City. The trip back was like an extension of the get-together as the three of us had a great time chatting about almost everything under the sun. His playlist was also outstanding. 

When I got home, I spent the remainder of the night talking with my wife and daughter. I wrapped up my 34th day in Rumoi City with the usual dip in the hot tub. Looking forward to Week 6. See you guys!

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