Miharashi Park - Hokkaido

Miharashi Park (見晴公園), located in 2 Chome Miharashicho, Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture, is one of the city's several parks. It's well-known for the D613 locomotive engine on exhibit.

Miharashi Park

Miharashi Park details 


Although it is not as big as most parks that I have visited in Japan, Miharashi Park is considered one of the largest parks in Rumoi City. Sadly, there was not much information about when this park was built but I can deduce that it was built with the development of the Miharashicho area sometime in the Showa Period. 

Miharashi Park - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture

Miharashi Park is located in a hilly area and is pretty much at the eastern edge of Rumoi City. Hence, it is near nature. It is actually common to see kitsune/foxes loitering here at night.

Miharashi Park (winter)

Snow covers Miharashi Park

Although the park is a perfect place for kids to run around there are actually very few park facilities in Miharashi Park. You'd only see a swing, a seesaw, and a jungle gym (thank goodness, there is a public restroom/toilet). The park is mostly designed for quiet walks or a place to reflect. What makes Miharashi Park stand out from the others is its preferred D613 type steam locomotive which is displayed in the park.

Photos of the D613 Engine

D613 type steam locomotive engine display - Miharashi Park, Rumoi City

The D613-type steam locomotive was covered with a tarp to protect it from winter

Miharashi Park measures roughly around 130 meters from the Rumoishi Bunka Center to the southwestern street of Asahimachi and about 63 meters from the Rumoi City Workers Sports Center to the wooded edge of the park.

Commemorative Marker for the Mayors of Rumoi City

The D613 type steam locomotive was manufactured at the Kasado Factory as D51181 on January 26, 1945. Its main use was to transport coal from Haboro Mine and had run a total distance of 2,272,955 kilometers in its whole years of service. This historic steam engine was finally retired on April 30, 1973. Today, it is the main attraction of Miharashi Park

The Backpack Adventures visits Miharashi Park

I got to visit Miharashi Park for the first time last November 28, 2021 (Sunday) which was my 4th weekend here in Hokkaido Prefecture. It is also my 27th day here as an Assistant Language Teacher under the JET Programme

Miharashi Park Entrance Fee

It's FREE to enter and explore Miharashi Park. 

Miharashi Park Operating Hours

Miharashi Park is open 24/7. However, it is not recommended to visit very late at night particularly during winter as the area is not well-lit. 

Why visit Miharashi Park?

Like what was previously mentioned, there is nothing much to see in Miharashi Park. However, if you want to visit a quiet place to meditate and reflect, then this place is for you. The preserved D61 steam engine is a bonus

Getting to Miharashi Park

When in Sapporo, head to Sapporo Station. Ride an Engan Bus going to Rumoi City.  Board down at Motokawacho and walk for about 1.6 kilometers to reach Miharashi Park. 

Bus fare: 2410 yen
Travel time: 2 hours and 35 minutes




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