Japan Diaries 4: Week 4

Week 4: November 22-26, 2021

4th week as an ALT in Rumoi City

Hey guys! This is my 4th week as an ALT here in Rumoi City. So far, I still haven't had any schedules for visiting schools. Aside from that, this week is also the exam week hence, my work is a bit light giving me an opportunity to study more Japanese.

Day 21: November 22, 2021

Monday - Rumoi

Good morning everyone! It's the start of the week. Since there is an exam today, I didn't have collab classes. Regardless, I helped Motoyama-sensei with lesson planning and did some self-learning for my Japanese. 

Time to learn some Japanese

Soeda-sensei drove me home after work. Much appreciated. Thank you, sir! 

Thank you, Ms. Carolina Sato, for the package

Thank you so much for the blessings Lord

That evening, I also got a package from my Filipino friend living in Tochigi Prefecture. It contains food and clothing which is perfect for winter. Perfect day. More blessings.

Day 22: November 23, 2021

Tuesday - Kinro Kansa no Hi

It's a holiday today - It's Kinro Kansa no Hi or Labor Thanksgiving Day, I spent this day resting as I have already gone to Asahikawa last November 21 (Sunday). 

Snow falls on Rumoi City

It began to snow at around 10PM today. 

Worked on the Certificate of Eligibility of my family

In the evening, I worked on the Certificate of Eligibility for my family. 

Day 23: November 24, 2021

Wednesday - Rumoi City

When I woke up today, I was shocked to see that there were tons of snow outside already. In some parts of the city, the snow is at least 2 feet deep. 

Whoa! In just a night, the whole city turned white

Rumoi High School 11/24/2021

It's still exam day today so basically, I don't have any collab work today. Instead, I helped Motoyama-sensei check her test papers. During my free time, I walked around the school to check out the view of the snow outside. 

First time to see the faculty room empty like this

Solo time in the faculty room

That afternoon, the faculty had a meeting. I was the only one in the faculty room. 😔 Regardless, I enjoyed an hour of quiet time alone. 

Day 24: November 25, 2021

Thursday - Rumoi City

Rumoi High School 11/25/2021

Like in the past days, the students were taking the exams today so I took the opportunity to learn Japanese. I also helped Motoyama-sensei to check her test papers again. During the afternoon, I proofread Komai-sensei's personal essays before working with Motoyama-sensei in crafting a lesson about Iwo Jima.

Day 25: November 26, 2021

Friday - Rumoi City

Good morning everyone. TGIF! 

Walking to work. The snow is getting deeper and deeper

I did some class planning for 2-2 with Shikou-sensei today. I also made slides for the Christmas in the Philippines lesson as requested by Motoyama-sensei.

My first nomikai experience with my co-teachers

Thank you Kutsumi-sensei for the invite!

That evening, Kutsumi Sensei invited me to her place for nomikai with our other co-teachers. It was a memorable experience as it was my first time being invited to such kind of event by my co-teachers. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what this weekend has to offer. See you guys!





  1. I envy you. I have been an ALT in a city here in Gunma for a year and i haven't been invited to a nomikai yet.

    1. Don't worry, year ends and school year ends usually have nomikais. You will have your turn. =)


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