Rumoi River - Hokkaido

Rumoi River (留萌川) is the primary river system that flows through Rumoi City and is located in Rumoi Subprefecture on the western side of Hokkaido Prefecture.

Rumoi River

Rumoi River details

(Autumn and Winter) 

Rumoi River locally referred to as Rumoigawa measures around 44 kilometers. Its source is traced back to Mt. Poroshiri in the Hidaka Mountain Range. The river flows through Rumoi Subprefecture and empties at Rumoi City out to the Sea of Japan. 

Rumoi River - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture

For those living in Rumoi City and its outer districts, the Rumoi River has been a part of everyone's lives. It provides irrigation water to many rice paddies and farms in the area. It was also once the main source of clean drinking water for the first settlers of Rumoi. 

Rumoi River Map

The Yanbamba painting

Welcome to the Rumoi River

This area is a perfect place to hang out during spring or summer

Rumoi River late autumn

Presently, the banks of Rumoi River in Rumoi City have been improved so that locals would enjoy its beauty while at the same time spending time using the river banks for recreation. In a way, the improvements double as protection in case the river overflows and also to avoid soil erosion of the river bank. 

Rumoi River in early winter

Another scenic spot along Rumoi River

Frozen Rumoi River

The riverbank also features a large painting called Yanbamba which shows men helping each other. There is also a nearby rest stop for motorists if they need a toilet break. Beside it is the Rumoi Traffic Safety Lighthouse which serves as a minor landmark for motorists passing through Rumoi City.

Rumoi Traffic Safety Lighthouse

This is probably one of the lesser-known landmarks of Rumoi City

I first visited the Rumoi River last November 27, 2021, during my 4th weekend here in Rumoi City as an Assistant Language Teacher for the JET Programme. Since then, I have visited the Rumoi River a lot. So far, I have seen the river during its pre-winter and winter season condition. Regardless, I'm just waiting for the seasons to change as the river is just a few blocks away from my house. 

Rumoi River in the afternoon

The Backpack Adventures visits Rumoi River

Rumoi River rates

It's FREE to visit and explore the riverbanks of Rumoi River. However, swimming in it is prohibited. 

Why visit Rumoi River?

If you're in Rumoi City, the Rumoi Riverbank is a perfect place to go biking or strolling. It has a different charm per season so make sure to check it out. In some parts of the river that are outside the city limits, you can try fishing as well.

Getting to Rumoi River

From Sapporo City, head to Sapporo Station. From there, ride an Engan Bus or a Chou Bus going to Rumoi City. You can board down at the Motokawa-cho bus stop and explore the Rumoi River from there. 




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  1. Rumoi River looks like a scenic place to visit.

    1. It is! Rumoi River is really a scenic place to visit regardless of season.

  2. Those are nice pictures of Rumoi River.


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