Japan Diaries 4: Week 5

Week 5: November 29 - December 3, 2021

5th Week as an ALT in Rumoi 

Hey guys! Time flew so fast, I can't believe it's already my 1st month here in Rumoi City. 

Finally, I received my visit school schedule for December until March. Just to share, my first school visit is already this Friday.

Day 28: November 29, 2021

Monday - Rumoi

When I arrived at Rumoi High School I saw one of my friends, Soeda Sensei being attended to by paramedics. He slipped on thin ice earlier and was rushed to the hospital. What a way to start the week.

My appointment is renewed for another year. Thank you, Lord!

I received 2 important files today. First is my re-appointment paperwork. This means that they want me for another year. Second is my visit school calendar. This means that I will start visiting schools already. Yay!😄😄😄

Rumoi City ALT visit school calendar for 12/2021 - 3/2022

As for my workload, today is a pretty relaxed day for me, I only have one team teaching activity today with Motoyama Sensei and also the English Club in the afternoon. 

Here's my workload for today:

2nd period - Living with Robots @ 2-1 of Motoyama-sensei
English Club - Christmas Event Planning

Dinner for tonight

Day 29: November 30, 2021

Tuesday - Rumoi

Here's my workload for today:

2nd period - Interview Activity @ 2-2 of Shiko-sensei
3rd period - Telephone Activity @ 3-12 of Motoyama-sensei
5th period - Vocab Activity @ 3-345 of Motoyama-sensei
6th period - Fun Facts about the Philippines @3-2 of Kutsumi-sensei

Ended my day with a refreshing dip in my tub. I tried the bath salt with Iyokan scent from Dogo, Ehime

Day 30: December 1, 2021

Wednesday - Rumoi

Today is officially my 1st month here in Rumoi City and also my 1st month as the Rumoi Prefectural ALT. 

Here's my workload for today:

1st period - Living with Robots @2-1 of Motoyama-sensei
4th period - Fun Facts about the Philippines @1-4 of Hidaka-sensei
6th period - Return Tests and Review of Mine Kaffon @3-2 of Kutsumi-sensei

Sukiyaki for dinner

Day 31: December 2, 2021

Thursday - Rumoi

Woke up to -1 degree weather. It's the first time for me to experience this kind of temperature here in Rumoi City. Regardless, I just wore an extra layer and went to school as usual.

Here's my workload for today:

1st period - Q & A Activity @ 1-5 of Sato-sensei
3rd period - Fun facts about the Philippines @ 1-2 of Hidaka-sensei
4th period - Crossword Puzzle @ 2-34 of Motoyama-sensei
6th period - Jiko Shokai Class @ 3 -345 of Komai-sensei
7th period - Mine Kaffon @ 3-2 of Kutsumi-sensei

Rumoi High School 12/2/2021

Just to share, today marks my first time having a collaboration class with Komai-sensei.

Day 32: December 3, 2021

Friday - Haboro

Today is my first visit-school schedule and I'm heading to Haboro High School. To get there, I boarded the 6:14AM Engan Bus at Motokawa-cho 2 chome #2 bus stop going to Haboro KouKou Mae bus stop. I arrived at the bus stop at around 7:35AM. The bus fare was 1260 yen. 

It's my first time riding the bus going to my visit schools

My first bus ticket - I love collecting "firsts"

Haboro High School 12/3/2021

When I arrived, I was introduced to Kouchou Sensei and then to the whole faculty during the morning assembly. I also met the all-male English teacher department of Haboro High School which are Watanabe-sensei, Okumura-sensei, and Kawakami-sensei. 

My commode in Haboro High School

Thank you for the Haboro souvenir pens

Here's what I bought in the in-school bakery

Here's my workload for today:

2nd period - English expression @ 1st year of Okumura-sensei
3rd period - 10-minute Jiko Shokai @ all the 3rd year classes
5th period - 10-minute Jiko Shokai @ all the 1st year classes
6th period - 10-minute Jiko Shokai @ all the 2nd year classes

During my Jiko Shokai Classes, Kyoto Sensei took my photos and documented the event. he said it would appear on the official website of the High School.

Here's my bus back to Rumoi City

Heading back home

Looking forward to visiting the other schools in Rumoi Subprefecture

Overall, it was a very memorable school visit. The teachers and staff of Haboro High School were very accommodating. I even received some Haboro souvenirs from the school principal. Now, this made me look forward to my other visit schools. Thank you Haboro High School for the warm welcome!

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