Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 4

Weekend 4: November 27-28, 2021

Winter Scene in Rumoi City

Day 26: November 27, 2021

Saturday - Rumoi River Walk

Like my previous Saturdays, Half my day today was spent listening and reporting for my MBA 303 class. I reported on Chapter 17 International Business

Can you guess what this is? Right! A freezing monkey

Since snow still covers the city, I headed out to check how it had changed the landscape. I first headed to the banks of Rumoi River near my place. Although the river water did not freeze, the riverbank had been transformed by the whiteness of the snow that blankets it. It added beauty to the already beautiful Rumoi River

Fashion Center Shimamura

I needed to buy winter boots. So I got this Airwalk for only 2970 yen at Fashion Center Shimamura

After enjoying the view and taking dozens of photos, I continued on my walk along its bank until I reached Fashion Center Shimamura. I got curious so I went in to check what it has to offer. I bought winter boots and some heat tech clothing. 

Time for groceries at MaxValu

From there, I proceeded to MaxValu to buy some groceries and personal needs. 

Cooking my version of pork chop for dinner

A bit of Habanero Pepper Sauce would give this dish life

That night, I booked a flight to Osaka's Kansai International Airport (KIX) via the New Chitose Airport in Sapporo City. Before calling it a day, I tried the Red Maple Arashiyama, Kyoto bath salt to relax my body.  

It does smell like Red Maple from Arashiyama, Kyoto

Overall, I might not have visited a lot of new places today but I could say that today's walk was worth it.

Day 27: November 28, 2021

Sunday - Miharashi Park Walk

Good morning everyone! Because of my Masteral classes every Saturday, I only got an opportunity to go out the whole day every Sunday. Sadly, the cold weather made me sluggish today and I chose to sleep half the day. 

Rumoi manhole cover

Miharashi Park

D613 Engine in Miharashi Park

The Backpack Adventures visits Miharashi Park

When I got "tired" of sleeping, I decided to go on a walk again this time to Miharashi Park. The park looks quite ordinary for a park except that it has a unique display - a preserved D613 engine. The train reminded me of the Hogwarts Express train in the Harry Potter films. The black paint of the engine made it stand out from the white snow that covers its surroundings. 

Walking back home

Early dinner

Tried the Zelkova of Chichibu Saitama bath salt. Smells good!

I didn't stay long as it was quite cold so after taking some photos of the D613 engine, I left the park and walked back home. That night, before calling it a day I tried the Zelkova Chichibu, Saitama bath salt. 

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