Japan Diaries 4: Week 19

Week 19: March 7-11, 2022 Day 126: March 7, 2022 Monday - Rumoi Although the entrance exams concluded last Friday, there were still no classes today in Rumoi High School . Rumoi High School 3/07/2022 The whole day was reserved for checking the entrance exam papers. I joined the English teachers in checking the English exam in room 3-5.  We were busy checking the exam papers. That afternoon, after checking the exams, I helped the teachers remove the curtains from the third-year classrooms. Before the day ended, I got invitations to assist Motoyama-sensei and Shikou sensei in their classes tomorrow.  Day 127: March 8, 2022 Tuesday - Rumoi  Rumoi High School 3/08/2022 Good morning everyone! After almost a week of no classes here in Rumoi High School due to the entrance examination schedule, we're finally back to normal.  Here's my workload for today: 2nd period - Living with Robots @ 2-1 class of Motoyama-sensei 4th period - My Strenght Points @ 2-56 of Shikou-sensei 6th period

10 Things to Do in Rumoi City

10 Things to Do in Rumoi City Rumoi City  ( 留萌市 ) is a coastal city located in Rumoi Subprefecture on the northwestern side of Hokkaido Prefecture. The origins of the name Rumoi are found in the Ainu word Rurumoppe . The word has several meanings but according to the Ainu language translator Uehara Kumijaro, Rurumoppe is an abbreviation of the word Rurumowomoppe , which means " The place where high tide mixes quietly into the river ."  For those planning to visit Rumoi City to check what it has to offer, here are the  10 Things To Do in Rumoi City : Rumoi manhole covers 1. Hunt for the 3 different  Rumoi manhole cover designs spread around town. Then look for the lone colored Rumoi manhole cover on the Rumoi Roadside Station grounds. The D613 locomotive engine in Miharashi Park 2. Check out the D613 locomotive engine displayed in Miharashi Park . If you visit in spring, you can follow the path up the hill near the locomotive engine. Near the top of the hill is a hidden saku

Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 18

Weekend 18: March 5 - 6, 2022 Day 124: March 5, 2022 Saturday - House Cleanup Good morning! Before anything else, I would like to greet my parents a happy anniversary. Cleaning time! Almost done... For today's activity, I spent the whole morning cleaning the house and doing laundry.  In the afternoon, I binge-watched different films and documentaries on Netflix.  Dinner for today... As for nighttime, I spent it chatting with my wife before taking my day-end dip in my hot tub.  Day 125: March 6, 2022 Sunday - Project Migration It's a beautiful cold morning. I skipped my weekend walks today to help my daughter with her summative exam. After that, my wife and I talked about the updates about their plans of coming here which we dub Project Migration .  Time to head out since it is a beautiful day. I'm happy to share that in just a week, my wife managed to arrange their flight and accommodations all by herself. Rumoi Shinkin Bank Heading back home On my end, I went to Rumoi Shin

Japan Diaries 4: Week 18

Week 18: February 28 - March 6, 2022 Day 119: February 28, 2022 Monday - Rumoi HS Graduation Practice Rumoi High School 2/28/2022 Hello everyone! It's Monday once again. What's unique about this week was that I don't have collaboration classes the whole week due to the graduation day ceremonies and the entrance exams for the incoming 1st-year students of Rumoi High Schoo l. I also don't have to visit school schedules for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Rumoi HS graduation practice 2/28/2022 For today, I only attended the graduation practice. After which, I spent the remainder of the day studying Kanji .  Practicing my basic kanji. What are these kanji? That's pretty much how my Monday went. I'm excited to see the graduation ceremonies tomorrow. However, it's honestly a bittersweet moment for me though as most of the graduating students were close to me already. Regardless, I'm happy that they get to move on to bigger things like work and college degr

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