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Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort - Hokkaido

Located at 405番地1 Central in Haboro Town in Hokkaido Prefecture, Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort  ( 羽幌町民スキー場びゅー ) is a place to visit if you're looking for a good place to ski in northwestern Hokkaido. Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort details Managed by the local government, the Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort is one of the many ski resorts in Rumoi Subprefecture. This ski resort offers an advanced ski course (Course A) and a basic ski course (Course B). Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort - Haboro, Hokkaido Prefecture Course A has a total length of 880 meters with steep slopes while Course B measures 860 meters and has a gradual slope. To reach the top of the ski hill, Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort installed a pair lift that ferries skiers to the top in just about 10 minutes. Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort - Course A and B Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort  ski lodge This also serves as the office and cafeteria  Inside the ski lodge Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort c

Japan Diaries 4: Week 14

Week 14: January 31 - February 4, 2022 Day 91: January 31, 2022 Monday - Rumoi Good morning! It's the start of another work week. I'm back reporting at Rumoi High School .  Rumoi High School 1/21/22 Here's my workload for today: 1st period - Checked Sato-sensei's 1-5 worksheet about Types of Energy 2nd period - Proofread the exam of Shiko-sensei 5th period - Discussed the edits of the exam with Shiko-sensei Thanks for the gift Komai-sensei After work, I stayed to help Komai-sensei practice for his Eiken exam and was surprised that he gave me a gift afterward.  Day 92: February 1, 2022 Tuesday - Rumoi Rumoi High School 2/1/22 Just like that, we are tearing the first leaf off our school calendar to welcome February. Before work started at Rumoi High School today, Kutsumi sensei informed me that my visit to Haboro High School this coming Wednesday is again canceled. Hence. I asked my JTEs if they needed help on that day and was glad to be invited to some classes. However


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