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Rumoi River - Hokkaido

Located in Rumoi Subprefecture on the western side of Hokkaido Prefecture, the  Rumoi River  ( 留萌川 ) is the main river system that flows through Rumoi City.  Rumoi River Rumoi River details ( Winter )   Rumoi River  locally referred to as Rumoigawa measures around 44 kilometers. Its source is traced back to Mt. Poroshiri in the Hidaka Mountain Range. The river flows through Rumoi Subprefecture and empties at Rumoi City out to the Sea of Japan.  Rumoi River - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture For those living in Rumoi City and its outer districts, the  Rumoi River has been a part of everyone's lives. It provides irrigation water to many rice paddies and farms in the area. It was also once the main source of clean drinking water for the first settlers of Rumoi.  Rumoi River Map The Yanbamba painting Welcome to the   Rumoi River This area is a perfect place to hang out during spring or summer Rumoi River late autumn Presently, the banks of Rumoi River in Rumoi City have been impro

Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 4

Weekend 4: November 27-28, 2021 Winter Scene in Rumoi City Day 26: November 27, 2021 Saturday - Rumoi River Walk Like my previous Saturdays, Half my day today was spent listening and reporting for my MBA 303 class. I reported on Chapter 17 International Business .  Rumoi River Can you guess what this is? Right! A freezing monkey Since snow still covers the city, I headed out to check how it had changed the landscape. I first headed to the banks of Rumoi River near my place. Although the river water did not freeze, the riverbank had been transformed by the whiteness of the snow that blankets it. It added beauty to the already beautiful Rumoi River .  Fashion Center Shimamura I needed to buy winter boots. So I got this Airwalk for only 2970 yen at  Fashion Center Shimamura After enjoying the view and taking dozens of photos, I continued on my walk along its bank until I reached Fashion Center Shimamura . I got curious so I went in to check what it has to offer. I bought winter boots an

Japan Diaries 4: Week 4

Week 4: November 22-26, 2021 4th week as an ALT in Rumoi City Hey guys! This is my 4th week as an ALT here in Rumoi City. So far, I still haven't had any schedules for visiting schools. Aside from that, this week is also the exam week h ence, my work is a bit light giving me an opportunity to study more Japanese. Day 21: November 22, 2021 Monday - Rumoi Good morning everyone! It's the start of the week. Since there is an exam today, I didn't have collab classes. Regardless, I helped Motoyama-sensei with lesson planning and did some self-learning for my Japanese.  Time to learn some Japanese Soeda-sensei drove me home after work. Much appreciated. Thank you, sir!  Thank you, Ms. Carolina Sato, for the package Thank you so much for the blessings Lord That evening, I also got a package from my Filipino friend living in Tochigi Prefecture. It contains food and clothing which is perfect for winter. Perfect day. More blessings. Day 22: November 23, 2021 Tuesday - Kinro Kansa no H

Kamikawa Shrine - Hokkaido

Located in the heart of Tokiwa Park in Asahikawa City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Kamikawa Shrine  ( 上川神社 ) is a historic Shinto shrine established in 1883.  Kamikawa Shrine Kamikawa Shrine details Kamikawa Shrine is locally referred to as Kamikawa Jinja . It was said that in July of 1881, the founders of then Asahikawa town enshrined the Amaterasu ( 天照皇大御神 ) on a hill called Yoshitsunedai  which is present-day Miyashitadori 4-7 Chome (near present-day Asahikawa Station). Amaterasu is seen as the guardian of Asahikawa and also of the  development of  the Kamikawa Region.  Kamikawa Shrine - Asahikawa City, Hokkaido Aside from the kami Amaterasu, Kamikawa Shrine is also dedicated to  Ōkuninushi (大己貴大神), Sukunabikona no Ōkami (少彦名大神), Toyoukebime (豊受姫神), Ōmononushi (大物主神), Ame-no-Kaguyama-no-Mikoto (天乃香久山神), Takeminakata (建御名方神), Emperor Ōjin as Hondawake no Mikoto (譽田分命). Kamikawa Shrine as seen from Tokiwa Park Kamikawa Shrine 's Choyuza The goshuin area of Kamikawa Shrine Kamikaw

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