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Diniwid Beach - Aklan

Located on the northwestern side of Boracay Island, Diniwid Beach is a serene, white-sand beach that is as scenic as Boracay's world-famous White Beach.  Diniwid Beach Diniwid Beach Details Diniwid Beach is a perfect escape from the touristy White Beach . It's definitely quieter, less commercial, and at times cleaner than Station 1-3 of White Beach.  Despite having a smaller beachfront than White Beach, it is still equally relaxing to stroll in Diniwid Beach . It's also a perfect place to watch the sunset.  If you're looking for some drinks, there are some bars here worth checking out.  You'll find this trail further north of Station 1 of White Beach Follow this trail to Diniwid Beach A little more before you reach Lambros Point Aside from what I have already mentioned, what I like about Diniwid Beach is its accessibility from White Beach, making an easy escape from the crowd possible. As a matter of fact, you can reach it by walking northwards from Station 1. At

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Boracay Revisited 2020: Day 3

Boracay Revisited 2020: Day 3 Day 3: February 3, 2020 Good morning everyone! Early morning stroll in Boracay Island It's our third and last full day here in the paradise called Boracay Island . So far, I have revisited several places that I've been to several years ago.  Swam near  Willy's Rock again My beautiful wife + the beauty of Boracay Tatay and Ella bonding   Today, I'm planning to check out what's beyond Station 1. However, before that, I'd join my family first for an early morning dip in the crystal clear waters near Willy's Rock.   However, my wife and daughter wanted to try out the Tala dance craze first, of course, being the ever-supportive husband and dad, I volunteered my services to record a video of them doing this dance craze.  Breakfast at Diamond Water Edge Resort More swimming time for Ella Ella and her Korean friend Like yesterday, we then took a dip for an hour or two before heading back to Diamond Water Edge Resort to freshen up an

Boracay Revisited 2020: Day 2

Boracay Revisited 2020: Day 2 Day 2: February 2, 2020 Good morning guys! Early morning in Boracay Ella's early morning dip It drizzled last night but upon checking the weather forecast for today, I was relieved to see that there's a very slim chance of rain today. Hence, as planned, we had our early morning jog around Station 1 of Boracay's White Beach . After sweating a bit, we decided to take a dip near the famed Willy's Rock . We enjoyed swimming in the cold clean shallow waters for about an hour and a half.  Breakfast at Diamond Water Edge Hotel Time to eat We then headed back to Diamond Water Edge Resort to freshen up before proceeding to the hotel's beachside restaurant to avail of our complimentary breakfast.  Back to the beach for Ella with a newfound friend Ella's lifeguards My wife wanted to have her hair braided first before we go exploring Checking out Station 2 My daughter wanted to swim again after breakfast. My father-in-law accompanied her while


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