Nishikinohama Beach Park - Osaka

Nishikinohama Beach Park  ( 二色の浜海水浴場 ) is a popular beach and park destination for people living in the city because of its easy accessibility. It is l ocated in Sawa District in Kaizuka City in Osaka Prefecture in Japan . Nishikinohama Beach Park Nishikinohama Beach Park Details Nishikinohama Beach Park is Kaizuka City's popular family bonding destination. The name  Nishikinohama  came from the name Nishiki which means two colors. This refers to the white-ish color of its beach and the green color of the pine groves around the park.  Nishikinohama Beach Park - Kaizuka City, Osaka Prefecture Everyone is welcome! The mast erected along the beach The park is well known for the ship mast that was erected near the beach. It is usually crowded from July to August as visitors usually flock to the place to enjoy the weather. Moreover, there are also facilities for cooking barbecues, biking, and jogging in the park. Other activities that you could do in Nishikinohama Beach Pa

Japan Diaries: Day 12

Day 12   December 30, 2014 Nishikinohama Beach Park, Dotonbori, & Osaka Castle Good morning Japan ! Two more days and it's Near Year already! Is that a ship's mast? While eating breakfast, Mr. Toshi informed us that he will bring us to a scenic place. By this time we were used to unplanned trips already, that the first thing that we do first thing in the morning is to wear our heat tech clothes and pants. Aside from that, we take our bath at night too. In that way, we won't be rushing to take a bath in case of a sudden plan to travel. Nishikinohama Beach Park After a fast preparation, Mr. Toshi and Ms. Taeko brought us to Nishikinohama Beach Park . Like what the name implies it is a combination of a park and a beach and like what Mr. Toshi said, the place was truly scenic. It is a great place to bond with the family too, kids would surely love the well-maintained playground in the park. As a matter of fact, m y daughter enjoyed playing on the rides of the playgr

Japan Diaries: Day 11

Day 11   December 29, 2014 Wakayama City Checkup Another great morning here in Japan . Today, we're heading to Wakayama Prefecture but this trip wouldn't be like our normal road trips because we're going to the prefecture to accompany Mr. Toshi for his regular heart check-up. Driving to the hospital via the Kinki Expressway Aside from Mr. Toshi and his wife, Tomato the family dog would also be joining us for this trip. The travel was quite fast because Mr. Toshi lives in an area of Osaka Prefecture that is nearest to Wakayama Prefecture. We passed through beautiful sceneries and several tunnels along the Hanwa and Kinki Expressway until we reached  Seiyu Memorial Hospital  in Nishitai, Wakayama City in Wakayama Prefecture. Some tunnel along the Hanwa Express Way Look who's enjoying the trip! Seiyu Memorial Hospital Little did I know that the doctors in this "normal" looking hospital were actually the best of the crop. (We can really nev

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