Nishikinohama Beach Park - Osaka

Nishikinohama Beach Park (二色の浜海水浴場) is a popular beach and park destination for people living in the city because of its easy accessibility. It is located in Sawa District in Kaizuka City in Osaka Prefecture in Japan.

Nishikinohama Beach Park

Nishikinohama Beach Park Details

Nishikinohama Beach Park is Kaizuka City's popular family bonding destination. The name Nishikinohama came from the name Nishiki which means two colors. This refers to the white-ish color of its beach and the green color of the pine groves around the park. 

Nishikinohama Beach Park - Kaizuka City, Osaka Prefecture

Everyone is welcome!

The mast erected along the beach

The park is well known for the ship mast that was erected near the beach. It is usually crowded from July to August as visitors usually flock to the place to enjoy the weather. Moreover, there are also facilities for cooking barbecues, biking, and jogging in the park. Other activities that you could do in Nishikinohama Beach Park are the usual sunbathing, snorkeling, shell collecting, and playing sports like beach volleyball and frisbee.

Map of Nishikinohama Beach Park

Ahhh! Monsters!

Thank you Mr. Toshi for bringing us here.


Jump, Ella, jump!

We're now going to the beach...

Kids would also enjoy the well-maintained playground. Couples on the other hand would enjoy strolling while admiring the scenic beauty of the park and the kilometer long beach. Not to mention, Nishikinohama Beach Park is also the best place to watch the sunset in Osaka Bay.

Pine trees and sand

The expressway as seen from the beach

The mast and the highway as seen from the beach

Can you spot the dog and the hamster?

We visited Nishikinohama Beach Park on the 12th day of our 2014-2015 Japan Trip. As usual, our Japanese family brought us there by surprise. My daughter was the one who enjoyed this beautiful destination the most. As a matter of fact, we stayed in the playground area for quite some time (my wife and I enjoyed the slide by the way). 

Nishikinohama Beach Park is best visited with friends and family

After letting my daughter play around and get tired, we went to the beach area and enjoyed the view. We also collected sand and shells for my sand collection back home. We didn't swim though because it was winter season when we visited (It was sunny though but the wind was chilly).

Team Nicerio visits Nishikinohama Beach Park

Overall, Nishikinohama Beach Park is a great place to visit if you want a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Nishikinohama Beach Park entrance fee:

It's FREE to enter and explore Nishikinohama Beach Park. However, if you'd be bringing your car, you need to pay 640 yen.

Nishikinohama Beach Park Opening Hours:

Nishikinohama Beach Park is open 24 hours every day

Why visit Nishikinohama Beach Park?

Nishikinohama Beach Park is a place to visit if you're looking for a place to bond with friends and family. Your kids would surely enjoy the playground area and the beachside. You would also enjoy the barbecue and jogging area. 

Getting to Nishikinohama Beach Park:

Ride the Nankai Electric Railway and board down at Nishikinohama Station. From there, the beach park is just a ten-minute walk away.


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  1. nice bro. i enjoy reading your content keep it up. and it look like your family is great!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog asklahavonien.

  2. You guys seem like you had a lot of fun

  3. Beautiful photos! Seems like a really nice place to visit

  4. What a very pretty site for a family outing! The playground looked inviting and the water is beautiful!

    1. I would surely bring my kid back here someday. It really is a good site for family outing.

  5. A beautiful beach in Osaka? If you didn't include photos I wouldn't believe it.


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