Japan Diaries: Day 11

Day 11 December 29, 2014

Wakayama City Checkup

Another great morning here in Japan. Today, we're heading to Wakayama Prefecture but this trip wouldn't be like our normal road trips because we're going to the prefecture to accompany Mr. Toshi for his regular heart check-up.

Driving to the hospital via the Kinki Expressway

Aside from Mr. Toshi and his wife, Tomato the family dog would also be joining us for this trip. The travel was quite fast because Mr. Toshi lives in an area of Osaka Prefecture that is nearest to Wakayama Prefecture. We passed through beautiful sceneries and several tunnels along the Hanwa and Kinki Expressway until we reached Seiyu Memorial Hospital in Nishitai, Wakayama City in Wakayama Prefecture.

Some tunnel along the Hanwa Express Way

Look who's enjoying the trip!

Seiyu Memorial Hospital

Little did I know that the doctors in this "normal" looking hospital were actually the best of the crop. (We can really never judge the book by its cover.)  

Team Nicerio at Seiyu Memorial Hospital in Wakayama.

After Mr. Toshi's checkup, we drove to a nearby place so that Tomato could get a chance to poop. This place, according to Mr. Toshi, is where he brings Tomato for walks during Tomato's younger days. (Tomato is very old now and is having difficulties walking.)

Great view for a walk. Can you spot me?

Mr. Toshi and Ella walking Tomato in this vast sports field

Ella doing her warm-ups

Run Ella! Run!

The place is highly categorized by the elevated area where dog owners walk their pets. Aside from this area, there is also a lower area that serves as a sports field. My daughter and I briefly played in this area while we waited for Tomato to do his thing. After doing his business and being cleaned, we proceeded to the vicinity of Negoroji to eat lunch. I didn't take pictures though due to time constraints.  When we finished we headed back home because Mr. Toshi would still report for work. 

There are plenty of branches of this resto. Each branch uses the name of the place it's located. e.g. Kumatori Shokudo

Our dinner at Hineno-Shokudo

Ms. Taeko and KC enjoying the meal

We then spent the remainder of the day washing clothes and resting. That night Mr. Toshi and his wife brought us to Hineno-Shokudo which serves traditional Japanese food. After a hearty Japanese meal, we went home and rested because we're excited to see what tomorrow's adventure would be.

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  1. Hi Alvin, I google Kumatori Shokudo and found it's among the top ten restaurants in Kumatori City. And indeed, it has several branches named after their location. I'm not sure if it is still a part of their restaurant chain but there also are Shokudo branches even in Hong Kong.

    Shokudo, based on the kanji they used actually means "cafe," so it's just like saying Kumatori Cafeteria. I wise naming choice indeed.

    1. Hi Noel. Now that's something for the books. =) Thanks for the information. =) Would try to blog about it when I revisit. =)

  2. The dog is named tomato? How cute! I actually kind of expect that they have the best doctors in Japan. I saw this video that shows how they train their surgeons, it was both clever and difficult. Looks like your kid is having so much fun running around in that area. I hope you have more Japan stories, they are my favorite in your blog.

    1. Hi Marge. Thanks for visiting my blog. =) I do agree that Tomato is a cute name. Sadly he passed away a year after our visit. Hope to hear more from you on my next articles. =)

  3. I guess I can call it a day well spent. Japan has always been by dream destination, and I hope I can visit the place soon. I love the food and I would like to try eating their cuisine right on their hometown. The "normal" looking hospital may be a facade, knowing Japan as a first world country, I guess medical aspect should be top notch. :)

    1. Hi Kristylle, that's true, despite being a normal looking hospital located in a little known prefecture, Seiyu is home to the best surgeons in the country. =)

  4. I absolutely love those public eateries in Japan! I truly love the fact that Japan is able to merge both the modern and the uniquely Japanese to create an authentic Japanese atmosphere. I'm really glad that you relished your walks on that day. It wasn't exactly what normal tourists would do, and that's what has made it very personal and memorable. :)

    1. I agree Rye. Sometimes, the best adventure is when one simply stops being a tourist and learn to immerse oneself to the culture of the country visited.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Hope Toshi does great and Tomato stays healthy. Loved how you spent the time with Ella! Nice share.

  6. hopefully next year my kid and I could go to Japan. we wanna experience Japan culture and theme parks

    1. Hope that it pushes thru and you get to enjoy your trip. =)

  7. I guess you made the most of your trip to Wakayama Prefecture along with a satisfying health checkup. The kid definitely had a wonderful time running around in the open and I see her enjoying the ride also thoroughly. The place is definitely beautiful

    1. I agree Neha. The field is not even a tourist destination but when you see it, you'd fall in love with it. It's quite picturesque.

  8. awww i am so hungry looking at your photos and nostalgic too.. this is the best season to go to japan ... well.. i cant go back yet.. but i really hope i can... i have been reading your posts for days now :) really love japan!!!

    1. Same here. I really do love Japan, I hope I get to revisit the country again this year. =)


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