Caliraya Lake - Laguna

Situated in between the towns of Cavinti, Kalayaan, and Lumban in the province of Laguna, Caliraya Lake is a man-made lake that presently is a famous camping destination. 

Caliraya Lake

Caliraya Lake details

As mentioned, Caliraya Lake is a man-made lake. It was created in 1939 after the US Army Corps of Engineers constructed the Caliraya Dam. The dam was constructed to provide water and generate hydroelectric power for Southern Luzon. 

Caliraya Lake - Lumban, Laguna

Sadly, the retreating Americans sabotaged Caliraya Dam during the Second World War to prevent the invading Japanese Imperial Army from using it. Although the Japanese managed to rebuild Caliraya Dam, they themselves sabotaged it during the closing years months of the war. 

Welcome to Barangay Caliraya

The dam was rebuilt by the National Power Corporation in 1593 and the area around it would slowly be developed to become the tourist destination that it is today. Caliraya Lake and its surroundings became a go-to destination for the rich and famous after the main road to the lake was constructed. The surrounding area eventually was further developed and high-end neighborhoods and vacation homes for the elite were built in prime locations around the lake. 

The Unifier Soldier and the Filipino Youth

The Unifier Soldier and the Filipino Youth near Caliraya Lake

Today, there is a proliferation of resorts around Caliraya Lake, most of which offer affordable outdoor camping and recreation activities like fishing and boating. Other resorts offer a plethora of activities like windsurfing, jet skiing, golf, wakeboarding, and many more. 

Team Nicerio visits Caliraya Lake

Team Nicerio visits Caliraya Lake

My wife, daughter, and I got to drive around Caliraya Lake during our Laguna Roadtrip 2021. Although we didn't stay in any resort, we were satisfied to see the scenic lake others compare to various North American resorts due to the abundance of pine trees and its year-round cool climate. 

Caliraya Lake Entrance Fee:

It's FREE to view and admire the scenic beauty of Caliraya Lake which you can actually do along the Lumban-Caliraya-Cavinti Road. However, if you want to try out the outdoor recreational activities, you might want to book in one of the resorts around the lake. Activity fees vary depending on the resort so make sure to inquire before booking. 

Why visit Caliraya Lake?

Caliraya Lake is only around 3 hours drive away from Metro Manila. It's a perfect weekend getaway destination if you plan to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Getting to Caliraya Lake


by private vehicle 

The best way to reach Caliraya Lake from any point in Luzon is by private car. From Metro Manila, it's a pretty straightforward drive via SLEX, Manila South Road, National Highway, and lastly the Lumban - Caliraya - Cavinti Road.

by public transportation

From Pasay / Cubao, ride a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Pagsawitan, Pagsanjan Terminal. From there, transfer to a jeepney or tricycle going to "Lumot". This ride will ply the Lumban-Caliraya-Cavinti Road passing through numerous resorts near the lake. 




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  1. Nung pumunta kami diyan and daming water lilies. Buti maganda ang Caliraya Lake nung bumisita kayo sir.

    1. Meron paring mga waterlilies pero buti nalang di nacover ang lake ng todo. Maganda parin ang view ng Caliraya.


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