Magdalena Church - Laguna

Located near Bonifacio Street in Barangay Tipunan in the municipality of Magdalena in Laguna, Magdalena Church is one of the oldest Spanish-colonial era churches of the province. The church is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene.

Magdalena Church

Magdalena Church Details

Also called St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church, Magdalena Church was constructed sometime in 1820. The first church was built using materials that are abundant in the area such as cogon and wood. Its first parish priest was Father Antonio Moreno, OFM who was appointed there in 1821. 

Magdalena Church - Magdalena, Laguna

In 1829, Magdalena Church was rebuilt using sturdier materials like stone, bricks, and adobe. The locals helped in its construction through paying taxes and also by providing labor (forced labor to be exact). The locals quarried stones and sand from the Pagsanjan River for the said construction. 

Magdalena ChurchSt. Mary Magdalene Parish Church

Magdalena Church facade

The plaza in front of Magdalena Church

Ten Commandments posted outside the church

The construction of Magdalena Church took more than two decades to be finished. It started in 1829 but hit a snag and was halted in 1839. Work resumed sometime in 1849 and was finally completed in 1855. However, its four-story bell tower was finished in 1861.

The carved doors of Magdalena Church

Magdalena Church NHI Marker

Magdalena Church information donated by BANAK Inc.

The completed stone church was built in the Baroque architectural design. Like most, if not all, the Spanish-colonial churches in the country, Magdalena Church faces a plaza and is near the town hall. The plaza in front of the church is quite noteworthy as it remains spacious and can still hold a large crowd as it was intended in colonial times. 

Inside Magdalena Church

Magdalena Church Altar

Magdalena Church Pulpit

Magdalena Church interior as seen from the entrance

Magdalena Church interior as seen from the altar

Magdalena Church Baptismal area

Another photo of Magdalena Church's baptismal area

At present, Magdalena Church is well-maintained and still retains its Spanish-Colonial era feels. Little do most people know, Magdalena Church has been featured and used as a filming location for numerous Filipino films. Examples of these movies are Santiago (1970) and Sanctuario (1974) which featured the late King of Filipino Movies - Fernando Poe Jr. It was also seen in the hit historical biopic film Heneral Luna (2015). 
Sanctuario shot in Magdalena Church
Magdalena Church - Sanctuario (1974) scenes

Heneral Luna (2015) scene shot in Magdalena, Laguna

Team Nicerio visits Magdalena Church

Ella in Magdalena Church

The Backpack Adventures in Magdalena Church

My wife, daughter, and I got to visit Magdalena Church during our 2021 Laguna Road Trip. It was the last destination that we had for the said trip. During our visit, the church was actually closed to the public. Luckily, together with another road tripper, we managed to explore the inside of Magdalena Church after asking the kind caretaker to allow us in. 

Magdalena Church Entrance Fee

It's FREE to enter and explore Magdalena Church and its grounds. 

Magdalena Church Mass Schedule

Magdalena Church mass schedule

Monday - 7:30AM -8:30AM
Tuesday7:30AM -8:30AM
Wednesday - 5PM - 6PM
Thursday7:30AM -8:30AM
Friday5PM - 6PM
Saturday7:30AM -8:30AM
Sunday - 6:30AM - 7:30AM / 9AM - 10AM (FB Live) / 5PM - 6PM

Why visit Magdalena Church?

Magdalena Church is a must-visit if you're on a pilgrimage or Visita Iglesia around the province of Laguna. It's one of the most beautiful churches not only in the province but also in the whole Philippines.

Getting to Magdalena Church

Public Transportation

From Cubao - Ride either a bus for HM and DLTBCo. bus lines going to Sta. Cruz in Laguna. Once there, you can take another jeepney going to the town of Magdalena. Tell the driver to drop you off at the town plaza or anywhere near the church so that you can get there by foot.

From Buendia - Ride a bus either from Jac Liner, GreenStar and DLTBCo. bus lines in Buendia going to Sta. Cruz in Laguna. Once there, you can take another jeepney going to the town of Magdalena. Tell the driver to drop you off at the town plaza or anywhere near the church so that you can get there by foot. Earliest trip to Sta. Cruz is at 4 AM.

You would pass this arch if you are coming in from the San Luis Rd/ Pagsanjan - Magdalena Road.

Private Transportation

From Manila, drive to South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). Exit at the Turbina Exit in Calamba then take the national Highway to Sta.Cruz, Laguna. Turn right to San Luis Road/Pagsanjan-Magdalena Road until you reach the town proper of Magdalena. From there, it's easy to reach Magdalena Church. 

You can also use Google Maps or Waze to guide you from your starting point.  




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    1. Walang anuman. Sana'y mabisita mo ang Magdalena Church in the future.


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