Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 7

Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 7

Weekend 7: December 18 - 19, 2021

Day 47: December 18, 2021

Saturday - Janome Sushi with Hasegawa Sensei

The snow keeps piling up by the day. Even if I wanted really badly to go out and take a walk early today I opted not to. -1 to -3 is super cold for a guy from the tropics. Instead, I did my laundry the whole morning. 

Check out the powdery snow

It's a beautiful day to go out for a walk. 

Walked to COOP Rumoi for some groceries.

That afternoon, I had an invite to Joshua's place for dinner. Aside from the Rumoi City ALTs, the Tomamae ALTs will also be there. I had to beg off though as I have another dinner appointment.

Janome Sushi - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture

Thank you for the treat Hasegawa Sensei

That dinner appointment was with my Tomamae Japanese Teacher of English (JTE) - Hiroshi Hasegawa Sensei. He picked me up at my place at 5PM and we drove to Janome Sushi at 3 Chome-1-13 Nishikimachi, Rumoi City. 

Janome Sushi Menu

I tried the shirako and it tastes like penoy from the Philippines.

Janome Sushi's sushi platter

He treated me to Janome Sushi's bestseller - the sushi platter. He also made me try the shirako soup which is cod's sperm sac. It tastes like the penoy of the Philippines. 

Brrrr! That's why it's so cold.

We talked about a lot of things ranging from Philippine culture to literature to personal beliefs. After dinner, Hasegawa Sensei drove me home. It was around 9PM when I got home. As for tomorrow's activity, I am set to meet with Adachi Noboru-san of the Rumoi English Chat Club, another commitment that I am looking forward to. 

Day 48: December 19, 2021

Sunday - Bonding with Noboru-san

Good morning my dear readers, the first order of business for today is my MBA 101 class. Noboru-san picked me up at around 1PM and we drove to Asuka Coffee Shop at 2 Chome-3-18 Nishikimachi, Rumoi City. This is the usual venue for the Rumoi English Chat Club

Noboru-san picked me up from home

Asuka Coffee Shop - Rumoi City

Inside Asuka Coffee Shop

It's nice to meet you Noboru-san!

Noboru-san bought me coffee and we had a very lengthy chat about many things he seem very interested and knowledgeable about world events. His English skills are good and he genuinely wanted to learn more. 

Explored the town with Noboru-san.

First stop - Umi no Furusatokan

The view of Golden Beach Rumoi was amazing

He then offered to drive me around the city. Our first stop was the Umi no Furusatokan. Although I visited this place a few weeks back it's good to see what it looks like surrounded by snow. Sadly, it was closed so so Noboru-san just showed me the view of the coast and pointed out some places that are interesting to see and visit.

Shiritsurumoi Library

Inside Shiritsurumoi Library

Thank you Noboru-san for helping me apply for my library card.

From there, he drove to Shiritsurumoi Library where he helped me get my library card. I also took the opportunity to borrow my first book which is Zou o Kudasai. The library has an impressive collection of books but it's all in Japanese. However, what astonished me more is the fact that the library is pretty much alive. Locals of different ages were there reading and borrowing books. Unlike in my country where city libraries are closing one by one visit it anymore. 

Here's the first book that I borrowed, Zou o Kudasai

After our library visit, Noboru-san drove me to Shell Rumoi so that I can buy my touyu / kerosene for my heater. He was kind enough to introduce me to the gasoline staff and also helped me figure out how to buy kerosene and operate the gas pump. 

It's my first touyu refill

He went beyond that, as he taught me how to refill my kerosene can at home before he left. Overall, my weekend was very fulfilling as I got to meet new friends and hopefully get to build lifelong friendships with them. 

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