Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 6

Weekend 6: December 11-12, 2021

Day 40: December 11, 2021

Saturday - Walking around Rumoi City

While driving back home last night, The Rumoi Friends - Guy, Kiaya, and I (Yup, that's what we call ourselves) planned to go on a road trip to Asahikawa today. However, Guy sent a message via LINE early today to cancel the plan because he was not feeling well. Probably because he exerted too much effort during the Discflect game yesterday. 

Walking around Rumoi City

Since I didn't have master's classes today, I just did my laundry and rested. After lunch, I walked around Rumoi City to see areas that I have not been to yet. I didn't have any particular destination in mind to visit though but here are the places that I saw along the way:

The D613 type steam locomotive of Miharashi Park is now covered with a tarp to protect it from the upcoming winter

Golden Beach Rumoi as seen from the Ororon Road area

Golden Beach Rumoi up close

Rumoi Shrine

Rumoi Catholic Church

That afternoon, I decided to have a haircut, and among the dozens of barbershops that I passed by I chose KK Barbershop. The haircut costs around 2400 yen but the barber can speak English so it made it easier for me to transact. 

KK Barbershop

This is my first haircut since I got here in Rumoi City.

After my haircut, it suddenly rained hard thank goodness my jacket was waterproof but it was still cold and I'm starting to get hungry already so I decided to eat dinner at Fireburg. I tried the bestseller which was the Hamburg and Zangi set which costs 1210 yen. 

Fireburg Rumoi

Hamburg and Zangi set of Fireburg

Lovin' my new haircut

It was a good decision as it was only drizzling when I finished eating. I got home at around 7PM and spent the night talking to my wife before calling it a day. 

Day 41: December 12, 2021

Sunday - Funaba English Kitchen 

I woke up early to prepare for the Funaba English Kitchen held in the Rumoi City Michi no Eki. It is volunteer work for ALTs of Rumoi City. It is organized by an American, Alaina Sato, who was a former ALT and is now married to a Japanese and is residing in Rumoi City. The former and current Rumoi Block ALTs call her Rumoi Mama

Rumoi Mama picked us up to bring us to the Rumoi Michi no Eki.

Funaba English Kitchen

Rumoi Michi No Eki

Rumoi Mama picked Kiaya and me up and drove us to the Rumoi City Michi no Eki or Rumoi Road Side Station. We helped Rumoi Mama do the Christmas Event Activity for a group of 6 elementary kids. 

Welcome to the Funaba English Kitchen

Meeting the learners of the Funaba English Kitchen

After the activity, I explored the Rumoi Michi no Eki and got several travel brochures and maps for the different towns of Rumoi Subprefecture. I also checked out the huge open space of Senba Park which is just behind the Rumoi Michi no Eki.

Rumoi Michi no Eki stamp

Senba Park

A vending machine with unique products found inside the Rumoi Roadside Station

Kazumocho-chan Manhole Cover

That afternoon I got a ride with, Kiaya when she was picked up by her supervisor Kaito-san. They were heading to K's Denki which is an electronic store near my place. From there, I bid them farewell and walked back home following the riverbank of Rumoi River. It was an enjoyable walk. 

Got a ride with Kiaya and Kaito-san

Rumoi River

That night, I prepared my stuff for my work tomorrow. I also video chatted with my family before calling it a day. Overall, I got to meet new friends today and visit new places. I'm looking forward to my new week here. 

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